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Most Popular Colour Options for Painting the Interior

There is no better option than paint when you want to refresh the home decor interior. But, at the same time, if you fail to choose the right colour for your interior, your investment in the painting work will be of no use. You certainly don’t want to paint the entire house with the same colour. So, what you have to do here is to choose the right colours suitable for your different rooms.

Consider the location of your house, how the natural light plays in your home and also consider the overall space in your room. It’s essential to choose a paint that is okay according to the size of the rooms you have in your house because the paint can actually make a lot of difference in this.

Let’s check out which paint options our interior painters in Balmain are suggesting.

Muted Green

When you are planning to give a contemporary and stylish touch to your house, muted green should be your most preferred choice. It’s a mixture of blue and green paint that is not too dark, not too subtle. It perfectly blends with the medium as well as dark wooden tones. And, the colour is also apt for both modern and traditional interior styles.

Dark Apple Red

Of course, you can go for something bold and rich in colour. The dark apple red is, of course, an energetic and overpowering hue that stimulates the vision. When coupled with white trim, the colour even appears to be richer. According to the painting experts in Balmain, one thing you certainly need to know is that this dark apple red is the timeless version of red that everyone loves to have in their house.

Dark Blue

If you want to spread a sense of serenity, calmness and comforting vibe in your house, the dark blue will be the best choice. This particular colour can add drama to your room.

Also, the light reflects on this colour perfectly, making it appear even more gorgeous. If you are thinking of where to put this colour for the perfect look, consider it ideal for the bedroom.

Warm Creamy White

No matter which colour you choose for different rooms in your house, nothing can beat the classic warm creamy white. It’s elegant, sophisticated and yet gives a distinct touch to the rooms. And, the best part of choosing creamy white is it is perfect for almost any room.

Light Grey

For the classic yet contemporary appeal, light grey can also be considered to be the right choice. The colour resembles the far colour of Alaskan husky. When you are using an accent colour like dark red or dark green, getting this colour for the other wall will perfectly complement the overall appearance.

So, what you seek here is the assistance of the right specialists of residential house painting in Balmain. On Point Colour Painting Pty Ltd. is here for your help. You can get in touch with us for an obligation free quote and consultation. Visit to know more!

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