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Exterior Painting

Steps To Prepare the Exterior Walls of Your Home for Painting

A makeover plan for the exterior of your home in Sydney sounds great. But, before you can apply the paints, you will need to prep your walls.

Now, this job is mostly been done by the home painters and here we will see the things that they do for making the painting process convenient and achieve the best results.

1) Sanding the Walls

Sanding is required to remove the existing paint off the exterior walls, and if there is any peeling, that should come off too with sanding.

Also, after the sanding, the exterior wall painters in Sydney will fill the cracks with graded fillers with the appropriate knife to make the surface smooth. And if there is any worn out timber, the painters will remove them too before applying the primer.

2) Cleaning the Walls

Cleaning the surfaces will be required before the cleaning, and this is the second most important preparatory step before cleaning.

The painters will wash the exterior walls to remove accumulated dirt and grease using high-pressure cleaning.

Though they will use high-pressure cleaning equipment for most of the wall, for some areas they might use only the appropriate brushes and cleaning agents.

After the cleaning process is over, they will leave the wall to dry for around 24 to 48 hours.

3) Masking Areas to Avoid Painting Over Them

There will be areas on the exterior walls where the painting should be avoided such as windows edges, wiring casings, etc. and to do so, the professional painters will need to use a high-quality masking tape.

However, the exterior home painters in Sydney will need to remove those tapes before the paint dries off. Else, it can rip the coat of paint when removed.

However, if the paint on the walls has already become dry on the exterior wall surface, the painters use a sharp blade carefully to peel off the tape.

4) Caulking the Surfaces

Before applying the primer, the professionals will need to remove the old caulk and re-caulk using an industry-standard caulking solution.

Caulking is a time-taking process, and the painters will need to use the best methods. But, if the new caulk is being applied properly, the paint that is yet to be done can last many years.

5) Applying the Primer Coat

Now, before the starting of the paint, applying the coat of primer is essential as the primer will prevent soaking of the paint in the walls and will make the paint look vibrant.

Moreover, when the primer is used, the original paint always sticks to the primer. And hence, you don’t need to use too many coats of the original paint for your exterior walls.

6) Gathering all the Tools for Painting the Exterior Surface

Now, after the basic steps have been completed, it’s time to gather all the necessary tools, equipment, and the paint.

And before the professionals providing the exterior wall painting services in Sydney can start the painting job, they will do one last inspection to see if they have completed all the necessary steps properly. And if all the steps have been followed and everything seems fine, they will start the painting process.

Give Your Exterior Wall a Makeover This New Year

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