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Important Colour Elements to Include for a Hygge Home

Creating a so-called “hoo-ga” home has been a dream for many of the house owners. Apart from ensuring the best plan for the building construction, what comes next is the painting. The paint needs to give a special feeling to the person living in. The warmth, coziness, welcoming, restful, and happy feeling should all at once come when the person is encapsulated in a room with the perfect colour.

What Creates the ‘Hygge’ Feeling?


Well, if you think it is only the colour that brings in the ultimate comfort and coziness, then you are probably wrong. It is all about the combination of the elements in the best possible way.

Imagine of a cold morning. Watching the sunrise while sitting on a comfy sofa, in front of a window with a sip of coffee.

It’s really a HYGGE FEEL!!

Elements that Create a Hygge Feeling


You must be well aware of all the elements that make you feel comfortable. Therefore, it is time to put up all these elements in the best way. We, at On Point Colour Painting Pty Ltd, take into account all these elements precisely and our professional painters in Sydney incorporate them in a way that will always give a cozy vibe.

The following are some of the elements that need to be kept in mind when giving a cozy feeling–

1. Choosing the Palette of Neutral Colours

We know that relaxing in a room after a long tiresome day would be affected if the colour of the room is too loud, overstimulating and busy. Therefore, let the room do the talking. We, as an experienced painter in Sydney, will always suggest you to choose the palette of colours that will create a cozy atmosphere. Apart from this, it is all about highlighting the shapes, textures, and unique objects with a subtle hint of light colours. Neutral is not always boring!

2. Convincing Textures to Keep Things in Tactile

As a significant part of being staying cozy, it is crucial to remain tactile in the room. Therefore, with warm finishes and textures blending with the style and the elements of decor, it is quite easy to bring in a hygge factor in the room. However, few sub-elements need to be kept in mind when it comes to being tactile.

3. Additional Coziness with Warming Effect

Natural light coming from the big windows of your room when reflected from the wall gives a warm feeling. Being the professional residential painters in Sydney, we advise colours for you that would not only light up the space but also provide a calming effect.

What’s Needed the Most?


With all these elements playing a significant role, what remains crucial is keeping them simple. Too much of anything is bad. Therefore, as a part of creating a cozy and comforting space, it is important to put up all these elements minimal.

We, at On Point Colour Painting Pty Ltd, take into account all the detailing that would surely make your place a comfortable and cosy one.

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