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Industrial Painting Sydney

Tips to Choose the Ideal Colour for Industrial Painting in Sydney

As opposed to painting residential building, you need to be very selective when it comes to a commercial building. Since there are many regulations that need to be followed while painting a commercial building, you need to possess the knowledge of colours before you assign the job to the contractors. So, let us take a look at how the commercial painters in Sydney select the most appropriate colour for the building.

We will first begin with the specification of colours that should be used for different buildings.

Safe Colours for Complexes

These colours are used for a variety of purposes in industrial areas. As you can perceive, the purpose of using these colours is to warn the employees or workers about any potential hazards.

Blue for Electrical Controls

Blue is mainly used for areas where specialized equipment is repaired. You can also use this colour in a place that has electrical controls and circuitry.

Green for the Medical or First Aid Centers

Green is used for places that have first aid kits or treatments given to the employees in an industrial area. This colour indicates a safe and sensitive zone.

Orange for Machines in a Factory

Orange has largely used in the factory painting in Sydney indicating the machinery parts that are present there. This colour highlights the buttons and gears that are required to operate the machines.

Purple for Hazard Prone Areas

Purple is used to paint the areas where radioactive substances are present. The colour acts as a warning sign against hazards.

Red for Safety Equipment

Red is used for both, as a stop sign as well as to indicate the presence of equipment related to fire safety.

Yellow for Heavy Machineries

If you wish to paint an industrial area where heavy machines such as cranes, railing, and other heavy equipment are present, go for the colour yellow as this colour not only indicates the presence of the machines but also as a warning sign for potential hazards. In fact, the painting pros in Sydney also recommend using yellow in areas where large scale production and equipment handling takes place.

The above is a description of industrial complexes. Now we will take a look at the colours that should be used for water lines.

Safe Colours for Water Lines


This colour is used for painting pipes that are settled for the distribution of water.

Medium and Light Blue

In the industrial painting in Sydney, the light and medium blue colour is used in pumping stations. They indicate the pipes that regulate pressure.

The Olive Green Colour

This colour indicates the pipes through which raw water passes in industrial areas.

Safe Colours for Wastewater Pipes


The colour brown is used to indicate the waste from backwashes.

Dark Grey

Nearly all of the sewers are always painted with dark grey. Though in recent times, other dark colours are being used to paint these pipes.

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