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How to Maintain the Fresh Coat of Your Newly Painted Walls

Is your newly painted home shining bright? Congratulations! Finally, your long-planned mission to revamp the interiors have been successful. However, you must realise that without proper protection and care for the paint, you will not be able to take care of the newly furnished wall for long.
Have you Selected the Right Paint?

have you selected the right paint

It is not only about the texture of the paint you will use (matte or gloss), but the quality of the painting material that matters here the most. The quality of the paint determines its longevity.

Also, not all the paint requires a similar amount of care and maintenance. Consult with our painters in Sydney about the latest trend of paint and the reviews respectively. The higher the quality of the paint will be, the fewer maintenance rules you will have to follow.

Some other factors are also involved here that will determine the type of maintenance hacks you will require to follow. Let’s find some of those out in the following section.

Know your Paint Texture

Before you start with your schedules for rigorous cleaning abruptly, it is essential to know the texture of your paint. According to the commercial painters in Parramatta, the type of paint finish plays a pivotal part in determining the maintenance procedure. Be it matte or gloss finished walls, use of microfibre cloths will prove to be appropriate for both gloss and matte finished walls.

However, it is always recommended never to go in a hard way. It is never a good idea to rub the freshly painted walls too much. Be gentle while using the microfibre cloth. You must also use the vacuum cleaner for cleaning up the loose dirt on the walls. Make sure the brush bristles are soft.

Stain Removal Guide

Well, we are talking about the light stains here, of course. For instance, the shoe marks or handprints post house painting in Sydney are some of the most common ones. For effective stain removal, you ought to use a mixture containing the soda bi-carbonate and water.

This is a light cleaning agent that remains effective on all types of textured paint. Take a piece of microfibre cloth and rub the mixture on the stained area. Keep it like that for a few minutes, and the stain will soon lighten. After that, use warm water to clean up the left out traces.

If the stain is too strong or becoming impossible to remove, it will be a wise decision on your part to call up the professional painters in West Ryde. They will apply a fresh coat of paint on the stained area with the left out paint that you have kept aside.

Never Proceed without a Test Patch

You will end up making a huge mistake if you proceed without a test patch of cleaning on the newly painted walls. You might have gone through the instruction manual start to finish while the house painting in Ryde was going on. However, you will never know how the paint will exactly react to the chemical you will be using until you run a test patch.

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