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Revamp the Exterior With the Trending Colour Scheme in 2020

Are you planning to get your home painted and give it a complete makeover? While searching across the Internet, you will find some buzzing trends in the market as the next big thing you should focus to use on the walls. Just like design trends for interior and exterior part of the house, picking up the right colour can give you a different standard of life.

Before you pick any bright or neutral colour for your exterior, you must know what the right choice is. Here are some popular paint trends of 2020 as listed by painting contractors.

An Appealing Mix of Timber Colour and Soft Green: 

Whether you want to bring the natural light indoors, or want to match the colour tones available outside- different shades of green are now a popular choice. So, if you are haunting for exterior house colours in 2020 in Australia, the soft green combined with white or wooden shade will be great for your exterior.

The Tobacco Yellow With Black:

Want to bring a splash of freshness and vibrancy to your exterior? Nothing can beat the elegance of tobacco yellow combined with black. It looks charismatic when it gets combined with dark brown, and it appears even better.

Spicy red colour with white: Do you always admire the red to be the topmost choice for your exterior? Well, as far as the latest paint colour trends are concerned, the hot chilli red colour stays at the top of the list when you apply it combining with white. Instead of using only fiery and bold red colours, you can enhance the boldness by using white to create the borders.

The Dark Shade of Grey With White: 

Love shades of grey colour? Why settle for the basic tone, when you can experiment with it to get even more. It can give your exterior a bold and beautiful look besides making it timeless and adding a sense of modernity.

Want a flawless combine for colours? Here is the combination scheme to follow for exterior house colours in 2020-

  • View the roofing colour that consists of tiles or colourbond with your chosen colours.
  • Understand the existing window colour
  • Will the path pavers or garden driveway affect the overall colour scheme.
  • The features you want to focus on the frontal part of your home. It could be fretwork, portico and front door.
  • Are there any dominant bricks or stone that let you work with the undertones. It could be red, grey and brown.
  • Do the fence colour need to update? You should consider repainting the fence part as an overall scheme.

While choosing trending exterior house colours in 2020, understand the undertones of exterior elements, which cannot be changed- like pavers, bricks or tiles and choose the colour accordingly. Also, it’s better not to select your exterior colour under interior lighting, as it can dramatically affect how true colours appear. Give yourself at least 3 days of time to make the final decision based on how colours get changed over time.

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