paint rollers and paint brush for interior painting in sydney

Choosing Between Paint Rollers and Paint Brush for Interior Painting in Sydney

Both paint rollers, as well as brushes, are used for painting the interior walls. Both of them have their respective significance in painting domain. Both these tools are extremely handy and are needed badly at some point in time or the other while painting the interiors. The choice of tool essentially depends upon certain factors like the texture of the walls, the desired painting effects and the skills of the painters. To make the most use of the paintbrush or [...]

when did you last paint the interior of your house

When Did You Last Paint the Interior of Your House?

Irrespective of what you are painting- interior or exterior- it has always remained one of the tiring and challenging jobs. Out of these two, interior painting is cumbersome and needs proper planning and arrangement before the proceedings. It becomes more arduous if done in quick succession. People have several queries regarding painting the interior. One of the prime queries being how often one should repaint their house. Well, there is no specific answer to this question. The frequency of the [...]

summer painting ideas

Can Repainting Better My Home Efficiency This COMING SUMMER?

Most property owners take painting for granted- up-and-till the time they start to peel off their interior wall surface. ‘On Point Colour Painting Pty Ltd’; believes that a proper paint job serves a lot of benefits. Not only does it help improve the interior wall appearance but also leads to reducing the overall energy consumption. So, in response to this question- Can Repainting Better Home Efficiency? We believe it most certainly can. Digging Deeper:- White or any light coloured paint is always [...]

exterior painting service

Upgrade the Market Value of Your Home with Classy Exterior Painting

It takes a lot to buy a house; perhaps you invest your life-long savings to secure your living. A well-maintained and appealing house can fetch you good returns in the long run. Whether you want to sell it or lease it out in the future, you can get the best deal if you consider painting the exteriors of your home by the professional residential painters in Sydney. This blog will take you through a few common reasons to opt for [...]


Some Interior Painting Ideas To Explore In 2019

Whether you want to work with pretty pastels or deep shades, the clever choice of colours can do wonders to transform your bedroom or living room in just a few hours. When it comes to painting your home, it is arguably the quickest as well as the safest way to update the bedroom or living room. But, which colour to choose? Or how to apply them? Check out the facts now! 1. Set the mood: For the bright, cheerful, cosy, muted [...]


Most Popular Colour Options for Painting the Interior

There is no better option than paint when you want to refresh the home decor interior. But, at the same time, if you fail to choose the right colour for your interior, your investment in the painting work will be of no use. You certainly don’t want to paint the entire house with the same colour. So, what you have to do here is to choose the right colours suitable for your different rooms. Consider the location of your house, [...]


Top 5 Reasons to Call Up the Professional Commercial Painters in Sydney

Has it been a long time till you have painted your commercial premises? To make sure your business keeps growing and you keep on getting more and more customers every day, you have to give a makeover to your commercial premises as well. The revamped look certainly adds an extra appeal to your commercial property and getting the commercial painters at work is the most cost-effective solution you have. We would recommend you to go for the exterior and interior painting [...]


Colours That Set The Right Tone For Commercial Buildings

You cannot go on painting a building randomly. You need to choose the right colours and the right combination, which will do justice to the getup of the building and its layout. Again, when it comes to choosing the right colour and combination, you need to take into account the nature of surroundings, the location and its aesthetic appeal before anything else. Hence you see, this is a pretty tricky affair, and all you need is the intervention of an [...]


‘Prioritising Rooms to Paint’- Expert’s Tips on House Painting

Which of the rooms should I paint the first? Which one should be the last? Prioritising the rooms for painting is one of the toughest tasks when it comes to interior house painting. Many house owners find themselves in no man’s land when it comes to getting the project completed in time and without worries. Several specifications need to be kept in mind before proceeding with the job. You need to move furniture, wall hangings, covers, safeguarding the floors and [...]


Common House Painting Mistakes That Everyone Makes But YOU SHOULDN’T

Adding a fresh coat of paint is a wonderful way to infuse new life into your old home. However, achieving a flawless painting operation is not without difficulty. Adding a fresh coat of paint is a wonderful way to infuse new life into your old home. However, achieving a flawless painting operation is not without difficulty. From choosing a great shade which somehow turns out to be hideously wrong, to achieving a quality paint job only to find it peeling and [...]