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Insured and Licensed Painting Contractor

What Does Hiring an Insured and Licensed Painting Contractor Mean for You?

When it comes to hiring painting contractors, people always opt for the ones who are insured and licensed. The reason is, when you pick up an insured and licensed contractor it denotes that you are putting on a legitimate service provider that will justify your investment to the fullest. But that’s only the tip of the iceberg. There is something more to it. When you hire an unlicensed contractor, it involves significant risks that may include getting involved in a lawsuit and facing circumstances, wherein the implied warranties afforded by the law of the state of NSW will turn void.

Let us take a dig at it.

Hiring an Insured Contractor Saves You From Financial Losses

Painting – whether commercial or domestic, internal or external can be a highly hazardous job. It involves a lot of risks, including working at height with the help of ladders, pulleys, sling ropes, and dealing with solvents rich in hazardous elements, which are detrimental to human health. Thus, if you end up hiring a painting contractor that is not covered by any insurance coverage, you will have to bear the financial brunt, in case of any injury resulting from any mishap or in case any painting expert falls ill during the project.

Putting stakes on an insured painting contractor in Sydney or elsewhere, on the other hand, will help in handling certain costly issues that may include:

  • Payment of bills in case of any medical emergency
  • The managing lawsuits filed by the contractor for various claims
  • Increase in insurance costs
  • Cancellation of ant existing insurance policy
  • Out-of-pocket expenses suddenly cropping up out of nowhere.

It Ensures the Quality of Service

When you hire an unlicensed painting service provider in Sydney or anywhere else, you might be putting stakes on painters who are either not adequately trained on the latest tools and techniques or who are not accustomed to the standard safety and security measures needed to be taken during painting projects. Or it might be they are not experienced enough and are not familiar with the painting guidelines. Hence, there is every possibility of your investment not being justified to the fullest.

Here is where putting stakes on an insured company will help you on all these fronts. You can be sure of having put your stakes on professionals who are competent and experienced enough to conduct painting the way it has to be.

It Ensures Protection From Scams

When you put stakes in an uninsured painting company, it exposes you to the risk of being a victim of scams. These uninsured companies will lure you with quotes that are too low to be true and then disappear with your payment of the first advance or installment. Besides, they may disappear leaving the project half-finished. Therefore, whenever you put stakes on insured and licensed painting professionals in Sydney, you can be sure that you are not putting your money to be scammed.

Last but not the least, insured service providers are all regulated by the governments, which is why they are always the safest bet to put money on.

Thus, putting stakes in a fully insured company like On Point Colour Painting Pty Ltd that has to its disposal, the best licensed and bonded painting experts is always the safest move. Call us at 0424 845 188 for an appointment.

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