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Residential Painting

Why Winter is The Best Time To Hire Residential Painters?

Homeowners often believe summer is the best time to get their residence painted. But in reality, winters prove to be the best times for painting homes or residential complexes due to many good reasons. Unlike winters, the summer months have high humidity, which means the level of moisture in the air is high. Therefore, paint drying time will be more. Therefore winter is the best time to hire professional painters in Sydney for a worthy investment.

Let us analyse the reasons in detail why winter is the best suited time to opt for residential painting:

    • Cheaper Quotes: The demand for painting projects is significantly less in winter compared to other seasons. It is mostly because of a prevalent misconception about painting season. During spring and the summer seasons, professional painting projects are in high demand. As a result, they are available at cheaper quotes during winter months. Thus, winters months are the perfect time to renovate your home with fresh paint coats at economical prices.Some painting companies in Sydney even offer price concessions with some added perks during the winters. So investing in a reputed company is definitely a wise choice.
    • Consistent Weather Conditions: Never forget to check the local weather forecast news while scheduling a painting project for your home. This will help you and your service provider avoid major painting mistakes. The drying and priming will also depend on the temperature and weather conditions, even before you start preparing the surface for the paintwork. The winters are a blessing when it comes to painting your residence’s interiors due to minimal temperature fluctuations during the season. However, if you are planning to paint the exteriors of your home, it is best you do it when the weather is a little sunny but be sure to avoid direct sunlight.
    • Fast Paint Dry Time: To your surprise, the paint dries up quicker during winters than summer months. As mentioned earlier, the humidity or the moisture in the air plays a vital role in quick drying of paint. The cold air during winters with minimum moisture level is the ideal time to apply paints. All you need to do is check the temperature before commencing the paint job.

Now that you are aware how beneficial winter is for domestic painting, you can call up your trusted painting company to give your residence a brand new makeover.

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