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Painting the Attic – The Often-Overlooked Chapter of Interior Painting

It is indeed essential to have a usable attic at your home. It can act as a living space, which can serve as a playroom, bedroom, study, home office and even a little gym.

However, converting the attic into a cute little usable room demands the involvement of professionals, thanks to a string of design challenges, which the professionals have to encounter.

However, you are not done with, once you have converted your attic into a living space. You have the last hurdle to cross – the hurdle of painting the attic adequately and fittingly. That is when you need to get highly reputed providers of professional painting services in Sydney into action.

From the aesthetic point of view, the painting stands out to be the very first decorating step. Hence, it is crucial to ensure that you have the best in the business of interior painting at your side. What better name is there for you to vouch for, than On Point Colour Painting Pty Ltd.

Remembering the Primer

remembering the primer
Most people tend to hurry through the project when it comes to painting attics. Considering attic-painting to be a pushover, they forget the primer. Also, some would like to get into the fun of adding shades to the attic rather quickly and hence would skip the primer part intentionally.

This is something that we never encourage and very rightly so!! it is extremely important to ready the walls of your attic so much so that they accept the paint you apply.

People often make the mistake of using drywall for finishing attic walls, and if you apply paint on them without using the primer, they will accept the colour unevenly. It will cause smudges on the walls, which is not a very nice sight – aesthetically.

Primer also makes the walls smoother, thus enhancing the painting experienced and improving the effects of the paints on the walls.

Choosing One Colour

choosing one colour
At times, people commit the mistake of applying multiple colours in the attic. This is a mistake, to say the least. Attics generally feature odd shapes. They feature slanted, short walls. The angular shape of the walls gives space a special character people get tempted to use multiple colours to accentuate the distinctiveness of the shapes.

However, the reality is, multiple colours will chop up the attic space, and it will appear smaller than what it actually is. Therefore, using a single colour for the attic’s ceilings and walls will open the space up.

That is what we suggest to our customers when it comes to attic painting during interior painting in Lane Cove. However, if you want to add a second shade, painting the moulding in a contrasting colour is the best option. You can add a third shade on the straight wall (If any) as that will turn out to be the accent wall.

Going Light is the Key

going light is the key
Going light is the key when it comes to adding shades to the attics. Again this will seem to add some space to the attic and will make space appear larger than what it is actually.

Also, since attics are always on the smaller side in terms of dimension, you need to opt for a lighter shade, as it will make the space look brighter and give an airy feel. Shades like yellow or peach, very light blue and sea green, pink or faded orange might work as well.

Besides, experienced painters in North Shore would suggest you reflective, glossy finish as again, that will help to add brightness to the room.

We at On Point Colour Painting Pty Ltd would advise you the same and would ensure attic painting finish, which will go way past your expectations. For further details, you can call us on 0424 845 188 during our office hours.

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