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Some Common Paints used by Painters in Sydney for House Painting

To give your house a new look, you need to paint the exterior walls and if needed, the interior too. And for painting your house in Hornsby, the professionals will use a wide range of colours. So, today we will give a brief overview of some of the most used colours that the residential painters in Hornsby use in the painting service.

The Oil-Based or Enamel Paint

This is one of the most common paints that are being used by the professional painters because of its durability and reasonable pricing.

The oil-based paint (or Enamel) can last for many years due to its weather-resistant capability. Additionally, this paint also provides good protection against stains and the dust, dirt etc. that accumulates naturally on the surface of the wall.

And though this paint takes a bit of time to dry, the results that it produces is worth the wait.

The Water-Based Paint

This paint has the same properties of the oil-based paint and is used at large for painting residential buildings.

Among the many advantages, one of the most notable ones is that this paint dries up pretty quickly as opposed to the oil-based paint and can be applied multiple times on the wall as coats in a painting service. But when it comes to the oil-based paint, the painters might not be able to apply too many coats. Also, this paint is an environment-friendly paint since it does not give off toxic fumes during the cleaning process.

Moreover, cleaning the water-based paint is far easier compared to the oil-based paint and is hence popular among not only the building owners but also the painters providing the house painting service in Sydney.

The Latex-Based Paint

This type of paint comprises chemicals that make the paint look attractive when it is applied to the walls of a house. And sometimes they can be water-based as well.

Another characteristic of the latex-based paint is that it does not require a primer and can be used to paint the floor.

Today many home painters near Hornsby are using the latex-based paint as it is environment-friendly just like the water-based paint.

The Matte and Flat Paint

Now, though these are two different types of paint, they share a few characteristics.

The Flat paint is affordable and is generally used to paint areas that are least visited but is not quite vibrant.

And when it comes to the durability rating, its performance is much poorer compared to the oil-based and water-based paint.

On the other hand, the matte paint can be considered a bit more vibrant than its twin that is the Flat paint since it gives a bit glossy look. But other than this, everything is the same in this type of paint, except the fact that it is a bit more durable than its other half!

The Semi-Gloss and Glossy Paint

This type of paint looks really good on the walls of the home as they give a glossy and vibrant look and is used mostly in kitchens and bathrooms.

Some semi-gloss paints can also give a slightly reflective surface. And when it comes to the gloss paint, it can enhance the look of the walls even more and can make the wall surface very reflective.

Make Your Home Walls Enticing by Adding New Colours

On Point Colour Painting Pty Ltd provides skilled residential painters near Hornsby who are committed to painting the walls of your home with expertise. So, if you are planning to make your home walls enticing, call us today to book our painting service.

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