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How Important is Primer Painting for Your House?

Lately, we have come across many customers who refuse to do primer work and instead of it ask us to double coat the paint. Well, this is not a good idea at all. The depth of colour spread the primer paint can offer can never be achieved with a double or triple coating of paintwork.

So, we have decided to put it all together that will help our customers to realise the importance of putting primer on their wall before painters start with their work. Let’s unveil the facts in the following section.

What is the Primer?

Primer is basically a process of pre-conditioning the walls. The process actually sets the foundation for the painting coats. In primer, adhesive resins are used in primer that creates a smooth texture on the walls, whereas, painting only has the pigmentation formula in it. So, with painting, you can change the colour of the walls but to add the smooth layer, you ought to use the primer.

What are the Advantages of Primer Painting?


Team On Point Colour Painting Pty Ltd is putting the top reasons for going for primer pointing before residential house painting in Mosman with added details below. Read on.

  • The use of primer adds life to your painting work. The primer solution is used to omit the blemishes from the wall. So, when the bruises and uneven texture is gone, the paint will be evenly spread on the wall and lasts for a long time without a glitch.
  • When you are looking for a smooth coat or finish, you can only achieve it by putting on the primer before the single layer of paint. Instead of a double coat of paint, a single coat of paint after the primer is always a practical thing to do.
  • The primer has a neutral hue of its own. So, if you are not willing to add any colour to your wall, the poly-acrylic primer coating is the best example of that type of colour effect you can secure by going for primer.

Is Primer Suitable for All Types of Surfaces?


The answer would be a ‘Yes’. For painting the wood surfaces by the residential painters in Sydney, the primary job of primer is to soak the moisture from it so that the paint perfectly sits on the surface. The metal surface remains protected from rust with the primer coating. Even, if the surface is patchy, full of mould, algae and mildews, primer can be used to smoothen the surface.

What are the Popular Types of Primer Available in the Market?


Stain Blocking Primer – This primer is usually used to keep the smudges and blemishes at bay. Rust or damage because of water-based elements, smoke, grease or scuff marks can be covered using this primer base.

Coloured Primer – As the name suggests, this primer adds a natural hue to the surface. The colour may not be that vibrant or eye-catchy, but with several top-coating, the walls will look vibrant.

Drywall Primer – Another one in the list that is made of polyvinyl acetate (PVA) is drywall primer. This primer is specially meant for drywall coating that fills in the ridges of the wall.

Hope, now you have understood the importance of primer paint. Get in touch with us, your trusted experts of house painting in Hornsby for a beautiful, smooth and coloured finish just the way you wanted.

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