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Caulking Commercial Building Exteriors Before Painting: Why It Is Essential?

The importance of preparing commercial surface walls before applying fresh coats of paint can’t be undermined. Exterior paints are exposed to natural weather elements, temperature fluctuations, humidity, moisture and mould and hence, prepping wall is a key to prolong the longevity of exterior paint and make it last in good shape for decades. Unfortunately, most business owners fail to realise the importance of pressure washing walls, scraping old paint and priming before repainting exterior walls and apply new paint coats on directly. Needless to say, painting without proper caulking and sealing fetches the risk of peeling paint, blisters and flaking paint and make your hard-earned investment go in vain.

This blog highlights the major reasons why caulking is a must before painting and how it helps in prolonging the shelf-life of your exterior paint.

Strengthening the Surface of Your Commercial Walls

When it comes to painting the exteriors of your commercial building, there are a lot of factors to keep in mind. The first and foremost thing you need to ensure is that the surface walls are properly prepared and cracks, dents or other surface imperfections are treated in advance, in order to get the desired paint outcome. If you find any cracks, gaps in the facade, you need to caulk them before getting started with the job. This step is important as it can help you get a smooth surface ready to paint. Without proper exterior caulking, your cracks will be exposed and your investment in hiring a commercial painting company in Sydney won’t be justified.

Prevent Pest Infestations

Pest, bugs are termites are a common chore on exterior walls and no matter how hard you try to prevent their attack, they will continue to wreck your paint until and unless you repaint your commercial building with high-quality anti-bacterial paint. Although there are ways to restrict their access through walls, but exterior caulking has got no match when it comes to minimising pest infestation. Professional commercial painters in Sydney identify cracks, dents and holes in walls and seal them properly to ensure pests do not wreck your new paintwork and your exterior paint lasts in good shape for decades.

Restrict Moisture Ingress Into Walls

Regular exposure to moisture makes your exterior paint fade early than the expected time and demean the structural integrity of your building. Moisture ingress causes huge damage to your property and invites costly repairs if you don’t restrict it on time. Besides causing damage to the structural foundation of your commercial building, moisture penetration may give rise to potential health issues among employees such as breathing problems, lung disorders, asthma and increase the number of sick leaves among employees. Fortunately, these hazards can be prevented by regular inspection of the external caulking. Sealing dents, cracks especially during rainy season can protect your building from moisture damage and extend the longevity of your exterior paint.

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