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Industrial Painting Techniques

An Overview of the Most Used Industrial Painting Techniques in Sydney

When it comes to industrial painting, a lot of techniques are being used by the painters to meet project requirements. There are conventional painting techniques and modern ones and we will discuss those that are the most used.

In Sydney and Parramatta, the painters working in the industrial areas inspect the buildings first to determine the appropriate painting technique for achieving the best results since each has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. So, if you are from any of these places and wish to paint your business area, follow this blog to get an overview of the techniques.

Using Rollers

Most of the companies that offer painting services in Parramatta and Sydney use rollers. The usage of the roller is a popular technique in painting buildings in an industrial area. The rollers offer increased flexibility in painting for which, this is used at large by commercial painters.

Some of the advantages of using this technique of painting are that a large area can be covered quickly and it fits well in various situations.

Some of the cons of using this technique are that it is effective on concrete and cannot cover the small gaps on surfaces.

Using Paintbrush

One of the most popular techniques of painting an industrial area is using the paintbrush. It offers the painter to cover the intricate areas on a surface and the corners that are difficult to reach. By using this technique the painter can apply colours to small areas where the paint has faded. However, if it comes to painting the entire building, this technique is avoided as it can be extremely time consuming and laborious.

Air Spraying

This is another most used technique that can be found in commercial painting in Parramatta. Here, compressed air is transformed into a liquid spray that creates a mist. When applied to the surface directly, it gives a smooth finish to the surface.

The advantages of this technique are that the surfaces can be painted faster compared to the paintbrush method and it is a cheaper option when it comes to painting industrial areas.

The disadvantage of this technique, however, is that it is used in exterior painting only since the spray mist carries certain health risks.

The Dip Coating Technique

This technique is not counted as the traditional technique of industrial painting but it requires mentioning. Here, an object can be dipped into the paint and then can be left to dry. It is the best and easy solution for painting small components.

At present, this technique is used by many reputed painters as it offers a greater level of flexibility when it comes to painting small objects in industrial areas. However, this can lead to an uneven finish for many objects as the paint can easily drop when the object is being dried. So, if you are looking for smaller objects to paint, it is best to discuss this with the painters beforehand.

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