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Why It’s Essential to Paint Ceilings? Facts Finally Revealed!

Ceilings are often overlooked when it comes to a house painting project. Most homeowners do not pay heed to add colors to ceilings considering it to be of no use but they fail to recognise that ceiling paints can actually make a bold statement and make rooms welcoming. While ceilings were being typically left untouched by colors in the past, this is no longer the case in today’s time as people are increasingly opting for painted ceilings to create a dramatic impact on their walls and incorporate visual pleasure.

This blog highlights some compelling benefits of having painted ceilings for you to give a quick read!

Serves as an Additional Canvas for Cramped Spaces

At homes where painting opportunities are limited, ceilings serve as an alternative canvas allowing homeowners to get that dramatic look and feel. Adding bold or whimsical colors on ceilings by professional painters in Sydney can make a bold statement and make rooms stand out. Moreover, it creates the opportunity where you can make the most of your walls and elevate the visual decor by adding vibrant paint coats on ceilings.

Makes Your Space Look Bigger & Intimate

Wall colors are mostly spoken of when it comes to re-defining visual space but painted ceilings can have an equal impact on strengthening the intimacy of your rooms. Whimsical or bold colors when applied on ceilings can create a dramatic effect however, rooms with lighter paint hues on ceilings will grab attention at once and give the illusion of a bigger space. On the contrary, if you want to create the illusion of a bigger space, you can use the same paint color on walls and ceilings to make them look continuous.

Adds Awe-Inspiring Visual Interest

Paying a little more attention to ceilings during painting can make the decor even more intricate and visually pleasing. For rooms that appear unexciting or boring, adding bold paints on ceilings is a perfect way to incorporate visual interest. Walking into a room with a bright ceiling can create an instant impression and you may also be a step ahead to add artistic details such as swirl, stripes of check patterns by hiring a painting company in Sydney to give your space a high-end look.

Add Fun Feature to Your Designs

Painted ceiling can be a great design element and a good way to add fun to your rooms. It adds character to walls and imbibes personality even if the rest of the walls are painted with neutral shades. This holds true, especially for kids and teen’s rooms. A brightly colored ceiling helps in bringing a sense of creativity in their personal space and allow them to choose their favourite color patterns wisely.

Accent Colored Ceilings Make Rooms Distinct

Accent walls have always been a popular design technique and grab attention at once. You can improve the rooms’ color schemes and create a striking element by adding accent colours on ceilings in order to make the interior decor stand out. Choose a color that can enhance the furniture and overall decor of the space and give the impression of ‘fifth wall’.

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