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A Brief Account on Commercial Paints Used at Present

Industrial or commercial paints are supposed to protect heavy-duty metals, timbers and woods and a variety of other materials.

These paints come up with a wide range of traits, which can very well be manipulated for providing application-specific coverage. When our painters in Sydney at On Point Colour Painting Pty Ltd take up a project, they keep track of all these specifications to make the most of these high-end paints. That is why we have such a commendable reputation in the market at present.

Having mentioned that, it also needs to be mentioned at this juncture that these characteristics depend to quite an extent on the ingredients that the paint is made up of. Besides, the characteristics also depend upon the intended performance specification of the application in question.

Methods of applications too can have a notable influence on the quality of the coverage that the paint gives. It also depends upon how properly can the paint stick to the substrate.

The Main Components in the Ingredients
main components

Characteristically, paint is made up of 4 major components – pigment, additives, binder and liquid.

There are 2 different types of binders – oil-based binder and latex-based binder.

The method of application of every paint differs from the other, depending upon the difference of proportion of all these components. You can use spray applications, brush, or may opt for electrostatic spraying.

When we speak about commercial paints used by the commercial painting contractors in Sydney, they are either water-based or oil-based.

Water-Based Paints

The advantages of using water-based paints are that they have:

  • Low toxic level emission
  • They dry up quickly
  • They have flexibility, and that ensures that they do not crack due to change in temperature
  • They do not fade when exposed to sunlight for long
  • They prevent the growth of mildew

Oil-Based Paints

Oil-based paints, on the other hand, are durable, lending a unique finish, complete with finesse and an appealing gloss. More importantly, they are durable, and that makes a massive difference in the commercial or industrial sector.

The Best Sheens for Commercial Paints

The extent of gloss needs to be considered before starting off the commercial project. Technically speaking, various types of gloss finish turn out to be ideal for multiple areas, depending upon the business niche and the nature of the structure to be painted and the functionalities thereof.
The available sheen options include:

  • Matt Finish
  • Egg Shell
  • Semi-gloss
  • High Gloss
  • Matt Finish

Matt Finish comes with little or no shine at all. It is suitable to be used at nightclubs, restaurants and hotels and other business locations, where fingerprints, stains and scuff marks are likely to reign supreme on the walls.

Egg Shell

This variety of paint also comes with a low level of sheen, but it is easier washing eggshell finish than the matt finish. It is ideal for places with higher traffic or footfall, as it is prone to dust and dirt.


It has a higher sheen than the eggshell variety and highlights the stains pretty quickly. It is suitable for areas with a moderate volume of traffic.

High Gloss

Understandably, this variety is highly reflective. It is suitable for businesses that need to highlight their products like artwork, souvenirs and decors on their stands. This variety will work well on well-prepped surfaces and will highlight elegance and etiquette in a unique way.

To know more about commercial painting, hire commercial painters in Sydney from On Point Colour Painting Pty Ltd. For getting a free quote, and further details contact us at 0424 845 188 during our business hours.

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