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How to Choose a Colour for Your Bedroom Accent Wall?

Got bored with the present look of your bedroom? If yes, then it might be time to do some experiment with it. Bedding and decluttering is considerable to some extent, but what’s next? Well, an accent wall can give you bedroom the refreshed and contemporary look you missed so far.

An accent wall is typically has a different colour or texture than other walls in the room. Besides giving your bedroom a stylish touch, an accent wall can trick the eye into making the room appear larger or smaller. However, the first step you need take in deciding an accent wall. After choosing the wall, then comes the creative part of choosing the colour consulting residential painting contractors in Sydney. So, read this discourse on how to make it happen –

Residential Painting Sydney
Residential Painting Sydney

Choosing a Wall: When it comes to choosing the ideal accent wall for the bedroom, in most cases, people choose the wall opposite the bed. It creates a focal point for your bedroom. However, you can choose an accent wall of your choice based on the parameters mentioned below-

  • Find a Wall That Stands Out: Think about which wall naturally draws your attention towards it? Or a wall that you face after waking up.
  • A Wall Without any Obstruction: Choose a wall, which doesn’t have any large pieces of furniture in front of it. An accent wall should stand alone to create a dramatic effect in the room.
  • A Balanced Wall: A balanced wall won’t look too busy or too bare after adding colour to it by apt residential painting professionals in Sydney. The colour pattern should be applied in such a way that upon putting a chai or small table in front of it won’t create any visual clutter.

However, if it seems confusing to find an accent wall for your bedroom, consider the fifth wall, i.e., the ceiling as your accent wall. It will make your bedroom appear cosier.

Choose a Colour: As soon as you are done with finding the perfect accent wall, choose a colour knowing how different colours make you feel. Next, you have to think about how to mix and match the right colours for the accent wall.

  • Warm colours: Orange, yellow and red are such colours that make your room look smaller and draws more attention.
  • Cool colours: Blue, green, purple are the colours that make the bedroom appear larger by pulling the attention away from the wall. Cool colours by house painters in Sydney make the narrow room look wider.

What to Choose between Monochromatic and Bright Colours: It is not necessary to add vivid colours to the wall. A monochromatic accent can put a subtle effect in the bedroom. Moreover, if your room’s walls are already painted in a neutral colour, then using 1–2 shade deeper tone with it you can redefine your accent wall. To add a pop colour in a room, you can work with neutral wall colours with the contrasting combination of your bedding colour.

So, these were a few things you can do with colours to make your bedroom appear the contemporary one. You can further enhance the charm of such walls in your home by adding various architectural elements and artwork. Excited to paint walls from “On Point Colour Painting Pty Ltd“? Request a quote today!

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