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Things You Must Know Before Your Apply a Coat of Paint to Your Interior Ceilings

Are you planning to transform your room with vibrant paints? When it comes to painting rooms, most homeowners consider painting the walls and tend to overlook the ceilings. That’s where they make the biggest blunder.

If you are splurging on wall paintings, why not invest a few dollars more on the ceilings to get a complete makeover of your room? When it comes to painting ceilings, most homeowners seem to keep it pretty simple rather than applying their creative skills.

If you want to bring life to your room, consider these handy tips while painting your ceilings.

Should You Paint the Ceilings or Walls First?
paint the ceilings or walls first

If you are willing to paint the entire room, it’s better to start from upside-down. You can start painting your ceilings at first as it will become easier to decide the wall colours accordingly. Moreover, if you start painting your ceilings first, you don’t have to bear the headache of splattering paint or paint drips on the newly painted walls. The professionals offering premium interior painting in Sydney always recommend painting the ceilings first.

What Makes Ceiling Paint Different from Other Paint Jobs?
ceiling paint tips

If you consider wall paint and ceiling paint to be similar, hold on! Ceiling paint is completely different from that of wall paint as it comes with higher viscosity and robust solid mixture. The consistency for ceiling paint is much thicker so that it can adhere to any surface. It is due to the thick consistency that you get fewer paint drips during painting. However, ceiling paints are meant for better coverage. Wondering how? Well, you need to apply just a single coat of paint to your ceilings and the work will be done! The biggest benefit of ceiling paint is that it can hide flaws of the surface and give a neat and clean look.

Want to spruce up the visual appeal of your room? Hire interior painter in Sydney who can make it happen for you.

Flat or Glossy Ceiling Paint – Which One Should You Opt?
glossy ceiling paint

Before reaching the interior painting contractors in Sydney for painting your ceilings, you should know the in and out of the paint. Most ceiling paints come with a matte finish so that it can hide the imperfections on the surface. Even if a little amount of glossy material is mixed with it, it will reflect more light than usual and end up in highlighting the flaws. However, if you have recently shifted to your new home where the walls and surface are smooth and even, you can go for a thematic look and experiment with a glossy ceiling paint. It can add a drama to the room and reflect more light from the candles and lamps.

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