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Some of the Best Known Paint Types Used By Commercial Painters

Commercial painters will need to apply the best quality paint in a commercial building as these paints are durable and can endure even the harshest weather. Additionally, since it is a commercial building, the paint will need to be very good to make the building look appealing. So, today we will focus on some of the paints that the professionals use in painting commercial building and if you are in Sydney and are planning to get your commercial building painted, go through this blog to know more about the different types of paints.

  • Oil-Based Paints

In many commercial buildings, professional commercial painters in Sydney use oil-based paints as they can make the interior of an establishment look glossy. Furthermore, these paints are affordable and durable for which is an all-time favourite of commercial painters.

Applying oil-based paints are advantageous also because the painted surfaces can be easily cleaned, and hence, they require less maintenance. However, if the weather is humid, it might take a while for this paint to get dry.

  • Emulsion Based Paints

This is another popular paint that professionals use. Emulsion paint can either be water-based or oil-based and dry fast. They harden quickly as well and the surfaces where these paints have been applied are easier to clean.

This paint offers good colour retention and is quite durable and can withstand a variety of weather effects.

  • Enamel Based Paint

This is another type of paint that the commercial painters in Sydney use to make establishments look alluring. In this paint, pigments are added to achieve the desired colour. These paints produce a glossy look and are durable. Plus, they can be cleaned easily.

Another good feature of this paint is that it is waterproof and can be applied to large surfaces easily.

  • Cement-based Paint

This paint is available in powder form and has to be mixed with water to achieve the desired result. Here, the base material contains pigments or coloured cement that the painter will need to apply to get the desired looks. This type of paint is used to paint internal as well as external surfaces and they are very durable. However, these paints take longer to get dry and have to be applied In two coats for dampness prevention.

  • Plastic Based Paint

This is another type of paint that professionals providing the painting services in Sydney apply quite often. Generally, these paints are applied in certain areas such as decks, ceilings and a few other concrete surfaces.

  • Cellulose-based Paint

This paint can be found nowadays in several commercial establishments because it can dry quickly and the painters can achieve a smoother finish by applying it. The paint offers good protection against different types of weather effects and it contains celluloid sheets.

This paint takes a while to dry, but after drying it creates enticing looks and for this reason, most commercial painters are recommending this paint.

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