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Some Common Home Painting Tools Used by Exterior Painters in Sydney

When it comes to home exterior painting, professional painters use a wide range of painting tools because without these tools it will become impossible to paint the exterior walls. So, today we will be giving you a brief overview of some of these tools that are being used by the professional painters in Sydney.

The Ladder

This is one of the oldest and the most important tool required in home exterior painting. When it comes to painting higher areas, the exterior home painters in Sydney always use adjustable ladders that give them the ability to reach these areas and paint them perfectly.

The home painters use firm ladders that do not slip to prevent falls or other types of hazards.

Tools for Preparing Surfaces

Before painting, the professionals will need to prepare the surfaces and for this, they include some specific tools such as pressure washers for removing the dust from the exterior walls. They will also include sandpapers to remove the existing paint and to make the wall surface smooth.

Drop Cloths

This is an important thing that exterior wall painters in Sydney always include in their painting inventory. Drop cloths are used to protect the furniture, floor and other areas from paint spillages. In exterior painting, they are used especially for protecting the floor from getting paint spillages.

Caulking Guns

In the paint preparation process, the exterior painters will need to caulk the different areas of the exterior walls. Now, manual caulking can turn out to be messy. So, the professionals will use caulking guns that allow a smooth application of the caulk to seal the joints and prevent leakage.

Paint Brushes

The paintbrush is another traditional tool that the professionals providing the house painting services in Sydney always use. The paintbrush gives the professional tremendous flexibility in painting the exterior surfaces. However, painting using this tool requires expertise.

There are different types of paint brushes that the professionals use and they determine the best type of tool by inspecting the wall exterior first.


The paint roller is another important house painting tool that professionals always use. This is a versatile tool that allows faster and accurate painting.

The paint rollers are available in different types of shapes and sizes, and depending on the wall, the professionals use the specific roller with which the best result can be achieved.

Paint Sprayer Equipment

This is another versatile painting equipment that the professionals providing the home painting services in Sydney use because high volume painting can be achieved with this tool easily. All the painter needs to do is fill in the sprayer with paint and start applying.

Paint Holding Bucket

In exterior painting, a lot of tools are required and since different areas are to be painted, the painters will need to carry the tools from one area to the other. Now, without the bucket, this can be difficult because carrying one tool after the other by hand at all the times is strenuous and time-consuming.

Nowadays, a few other tools are also used apart from the ones we have mentioned above. But the above are essential and will be required at all times.

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