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Pre-Painting Inspection

What Professional Painters Determine in a Pre-Painting Inspection?

Most professional painters carry out an inspection before painting your place since it gives them an idea of the place and the tools and techniques that they will need to use to achieve the best results. So, today we will discuss what they determine in the inspection process and if you are planning to get your building painted in Sydney, these points will help you to develop an understanding regarding painting.

  • Building Type

In the inspection process, the Sydney-based professional painters determine the building type. This helps them to make the ultimate painting checklist. Also, they take measurements of certain areas to determine how many painters will be required to complete the job smoothly.

With that, the painters will also give you an idea about the number of days will it take to complete the painting.

  • Tools Required to Paint

The painters will need different types of tools to paint the building. But without a thorough inspection, it is nearly impossible to determine what tools will be required. Moreover, after the inspection and before they start the work, they will need to arrange the tools and this can be a bit time taking.

  • Painting Methods and Techniques

The painting procedure will vary from building to building and that too cannot be determined without a proper inspection.

In the process, the painters note down the specific techniques. However, if they experience complex areas, they include several techniques and later, after discussing, they choose the best ones that will produce the desired results.

  • Type of Paint and Paint Colour

The residential and commercial painters in Sydney can also determine the type of paint that they will apply to the building walls through an inspection. However, if you as a client recommend the paint colour and type, they will apply the same. But if you want their help, they can do so only after the inspection.

  • Related Hazards

If the painters need to paint an old building, an inspection will help them to determine the hazards that might be associated with the building paint. This will also help them to take the necessary safety precautions before they can start painting. However, if they detect that there is indeed a possibility of hazards, they will inform you beforehand so that you can get them fixed so that they can work safely.

  • Type of Primer to Be Applied

In building painting in Sydney and all parts of the world, priming is necessary as a preparatory process. But since there are different types of primers, painters will need to inspect the building to find out which one will suit best. Along with this, they will also determine the things that need to be done in the process such as fixing the cracks or holes if any, cleaning, etc.

  • The Time it will Take for the Paint to Get Dry

The drying of paint depends on several factors such as type of paint, weather, number of coats, etc. But clients will still ask the painters to give them an estimate about the time it will take the paint to get dry.

So, to get an idea, the painters will inspect the building thoroughly.

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