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Want to Paint Your Garage? Know How to Do It Flawlessly

Garages are one of the less-visited places, and apart from parking or minor repairing, it hardly catches anyone’s attention. But it is not something that looks forgotten. In fact, the garage looks quite nice if properly painted. However, painting your garage requires you to follow a few more steps than the regular painting of your home. So, here are a few things On Point Colour Painting Pty Ltd follows to make your paint look amazing.

Wall Cleaning Before Painting:

Before you start with wall painting, clean off the surfaces. The reason behind this is the unfinished garage walls and ceilings those are dirtier than the walls at your home. With the accumulation of dirt and dust, they are often left with oil and water stains.

So, whether the garage walls are painted or not, clean them properly to remove the dust, and wash them well with a mild mixture of water and dish shop. Our painters in Balmain recommends to not to use any harsh chemical, as it can damage the paint.

Prepare the Surfaces for Painting:

After wall cleanup, we prime them before we start with our painting services Balmain. If you find walls are already painted, find whether they are painted with latex paint or oil-based paint. Why not wash a section of wall and rub it back and forth? If you find that paint is coming off, then you’re working with latex.

Priming Unfinished Drywall:

When it is unfinished drywall, it requires a good surface primer with PVA or polyvinyl acetate. The porous nature of the drywall helps it to seal the surface and lend durability to paint the layer on top of the primer. What if you don’t prime the walls? Well, in this case, your walls will soak most of the paint, and you will experience an uneven and bumpy finish.

Prime the Existing Garage Wall Paint:

What if the garage wall is already painted? In such a case, you don’t need to prime the wall unless the paint is peeling off or there are stains peeping outside. In this case, apply oil-based primer over the stain to cover it.

What we do to keep in check while painting garage walls-

While applying garage wall paint, the output greatly depends on the surface beneath the paint. We figure out what type of paint is right for your wall. Here are a few things we keep an account of-

Check Your Paint: Do you have oil or latex paint on the walls? If it is oil-based paint, you may need to sand it and then prime it with a bonding primer before painting them. Else, we simply paint over it with another oil-based paint.

Protecting Hardware And Floor Of Your Garage:

It’s imperative to move away items from the garage. Since you will be painting the ceiling as well, we recommend to remove furniture, tools or vehicle components.

Painting Timeline:

It’s not possible to paint walls all in one day. But, it has to make sure the first coat is dried properly before applying next coat on it.

We would like to recommend you to use interior latex paint by our commercial painting services in Balmain. Latex paints dry quickly and can cause minimal odour. And, whichever wall you want to paint, make sure there is proper ventilation to stimulate the drying time. Want more such awesome painting ideas? Call 0424 845 188 to talk to our experts.
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