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Can Repainting Better My Home Efficiency This COMING SUMMER?

Most property owners take painting for granted- up-and-till the time they start to peel off their interior wall surface.

‘On Point Colour Painting Pty Ltd’; believes that a proper paint job serves a lot of benefits. Not only does it help improve the interior wall appearance but also leads to reducing the overall energy consumption.

So, in response to this question- Can Repainting Better Home Efficiency? We believe it most certainly can.

Digging Deeper:- White or any light coloured paint is always known for its ability to reflect solar rays and the heat energy. These hues block the sun rays and potentially help keep the building cooler.

So, if you’re thinking about this approaching Summer; you should look to use white toned paints- preferably with Heat-Reflective Paints.

These paints come with pigment energy-efficient pigment technology, which makes use of metal oxide properties. They not only reflect a vast majority of the sun’s radiation but also lead to wonderful thermal emissivity.

Why We Recommend Heat-Reflective Paints To All Our Clients For This Coming Summer?
heat reflective paints

    • Heat reflective paints lessen the heat which penetrates the building. This reduces the amount of energy that denotes to controlling the climate.
    • Such heat reflective paints resist UV fading, thus presenting your homes an extended lease of life.
    • Furthermore, heat-reflecting paints are accessible in a wide variety of hues, thus giving you proper control of the feel and appearance of your building.

If you need professional assistance; we will be happy to help you with your key painting requirements. Furthermore; our painting operations come with a 5-year warranty and is devoid of any hidden costs. ‘

‘However, Presently It Is Winter In Australia’.

To many, it is a welcome respite from the sweltering heat which they left behind but are sure to face again, in time.

‘But being your premier painters serving Concord (before heading over to the main topic of discussion); we bring to light another very important matter.

      • “How Cold Temperature Influences Your Interior Painted Walls?”

Your interior house paint (much like any other material) responds actively to temperature changes. So, despite having a temperature controlled home, it is very important to be mindful of the cold weather effects it brings to your wall surface.

How We Tackle This Issue?

commercial painting contractors

This prevents the paint fumes from staying inside the room and causing health risks to you and your family members. Furthermore; we provide proper ventilation to ensure the paint dries off quickly and you settle into your room asap!

  • To create an ideal temperature for your interior walls; our experts (with permission) turn up the thermostat during the painting operation. The rule is to let it run for 36-hours after the paint job. This is really effective in excessively cold walls.
  • Another hindrance that hampers the interior paint quality is the humidity. Generally, winters in Australia are less humid than Summers, but that’s not always the case inside your home.

The presence of humid air could result in the liquid components of the paint remaining wet and not bonding to the walls. Our commercial painting experts in Ermington, when faced with this issue look to remove the moist air from the interior. This quickens the drying part and further helps make the wall adequate for a smooth painting operation.

Quick Recap:-

  • It is okay to paint your interior walls in winter provided the indoor air and wall surface temperature matches with the paint’s manufacturer’s recommendation.
  • And as for this upcoming Summer season; we recommend using heat-reflective paints to keep the unwanted heat away- regulate the house efficiency and also ensure the electricity bills don’t get out of hand.

To know more feel free to call us @0424 845 188 anytime between Mon –Sat: 7 am– 4 pm. Specialising in all sorts of painting services in Sydney; we will be happy to help!

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