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House Painting Hacks

The Top House Painting Hacks that Experienced Professionals Always Follow

When it comes to hiring house painting services, you would naturally look for the very best in the industry, wherever in the world you are. Thus, if you are in Sydney, you would naturally vouch for the very best in the business. The reason is obvious – the best professional house painters in Sydney like anywhere else would always come up with the very best service, using all their experience and knowledge. But besides, experience and knowledge, these would exploit some hacks as well, which will help them to come up with high-quality service.

They Soak Brushes in Fabric Softener

These seasoned professionals would use all their knowledge and skills to ensure evenness in the paint. But that can also be attributed to the way they maintain their brush. They would soak their brushes in high-quality fabric softeners so as to keep them as soft as they can be. This, along with their skills will help them put the paints on the walls in an even way. In fact, the perfection that they maintain while painting will help conceal the minor undulation and irregularities of the wall surfaces.

They Use Plastic Wraps to Preventing Mishaps

When it comes to painting around any awkward, large-item, these professional house painting specialists in Sydney would take special steps that will help them keep the area clean. For instance, while painting toilets, standalone sinks and the likes, they would use stubborn plastic wraps that will save the area from paint spillages and other mishaps. The move will also keep the obvious drips of paints away from spoiling the floor and the accessories. For ensuring an extra tight wrap, they would opt for a wrap with an adhesive backing.

They May Use Lemon and Vanilla Extracts for Reducing the Odour of Paints

The Intense odour of the paint is extremely disturbing. In fact, the odour of fresh paints at times leaves people sick. To overpower that odour and negate its intimidating effects, the professionals offering residential painting in Sydney as in any other place would use a little bit of vanilla into the paint. However, on lighter colours, the vanilla may ruin the shade, and that’s why, they would opt for lemon extracts instead of vanilla, in the case of lighter paints.

They Would Use Cotton Swabs to Amend Mistakes

Even if, despite taking so much precaution, mishaps occur during the painting stints and when that happens, the professionals would use cotton swabs to make amends immediately. They would also use these cotton swabs to touch up any imperfection, especially while painting around the corners.

Putting Petroleum Jelly on Surfaces Adjoining the Paintable Areas

Petroleum jellies are excellent products to protect surfaces you do not want to paint. That is why the experienced residential painters in Sydney would use these products to protect the adjoining surfaces that are not supposed to be painted.

Using Hair Dryer on the Painter’s Tapes for Easy Removal

Last but not the least, when they are done with the painting, they will use a hairdryer on the painter’s tape before removing it. This will remove all the moisture content from the tapes, and help in easy and quick removal.

So you see, all these hacks help the professional painters in Sydney to come up with quick, perfect and seamless solutions. Thus, if you are looking forward to hiring quality painters in and around Sydney for house painting, your search should end at On Point Colour Painting Pty Ltd to get the best results. Dial 0424 845 188 to book a service call.

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