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bathroom paint colours

“Top Bathroom Paint Colours That Will Ever Remain In-VOGUE”

Wish to uplift your interior visual aesthetics without breaking your bank, then consider going for a full-fledged bathroom repainting operation. Bathrooms (along with your kitchens) are the two most important part of your house. And if you do intend to sell it anytime in the near future, then repainting your bathroom now will help boost up your property resale value considerably.

Right, now that it’s established how valuable repainting your bathroom space is, here are some paint colours that you should opt for without hesitation. They are classy, eye-pleasing and In-Vogue as per top 2019 home improvement magazines.

Let’s Begin!


In sharp contrary to popular beliefs, Grey is one trending colour now for bathrooms. But being a timeless colour at its core, introducing it to your bathroom space (especially if there are some black or metallic pieces) will lend it a modernistic and minimalistic allure.

Furthermore, if you pick soft turquoise or butter yellows as your accent colour, Grey will still work wonders for your bathroom space. In fact, its timeless beauty will make it work for all your changing tastes and preferences.


Almost all shades of Taupe appears gorgeous to the naked eye. However; if you were to pick one, then opt for soft shades of Taupe to achieve the perfect backdrop. They complement any neutral shades and serve as the perfect backdrop for any linen colour your pick.

Introduce a perfect splash of soft Taupe with your presumably neutral colours, and never again will your bathing space appear boring.

Parchment (Butter White):-

Parchment- more commonly known as Butter White is tailored to transform bathrooms into a specimen of beauty and appreciation. You can pair it with other cream shades to achieve one sophisticated and neat appearance.

This colour is also very bright, meaning it will attract a fair amount of light to your bathroom space. And if you happen to have a small-sized bathroom space, painting it with ‘Parchment’ will also make it appear spacious and visually appeasing.


You may have come across this colour-duo, and the reason being, it stands as one of those timeless choices that cease to cascade away with time. Blue- known for its calming appeal, matched with precise grey underlines will work on all types of bathrooms. And the versatility of its colour combination makes it a perfect pick to complement the existing decor- regardless of whatever there is!

Sea-foam Green:-

The unique lightness of this type of green will turn your bathroom space into a wonderful home-spa. Plus; this shade also presents you the opportunity to experiment with other accent shades like Navy- White, and even Dark Gray.

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We also keep our service rates as per the industry standards and offer a 5-year warranty on every paint job we perform.

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