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Know How To Choose Decors and Colours for Your Foyer

There is none who doesn’t love the foyers filled with colours and personalised accents. It can draw the welcoming transition into your home that wow your guests. Being a bit specious and leading passage to different parts of your house, you can give your guests a preview of what’s inside. However, if your home doesn’t have any dedicated foyer, you can create a designated space near your front door that will be both functional and beautiful.

Things You Need to Have Stylish Foyer:

No matter, where you think of creating a foyers, there are a few necessary items to install-

  • An attractive front door.
  • A chair or bench to stack shoes.
  • Hooks on the wall surface to hang the keys.
  • Closet for bags and jackets.
  • Proper lighting.
  • A good colour palette.

However, it is a factor to remember that such space comes more with functionality than the design. Being an open space to different rooms, it can come across the piles of coats and shoes on the floor that turns this space in the mudroom. As soon as you find the changes you need for foyer design, it’s the time to focus on decor and colour by our commercial painters Sydney. Here we bring some colour inspiration for your foyers.

Create a Foyer Colour Palette:

The good part about foyer colour palette is it doesn’t have to be the as same as the living room. It needs to be a bit over-the-top when it comes to colour and designs the space. However, you can add a or two colour from your living room and the darker or lighter shades of them to get the customised look.

Complete The Colour Palette With a Rug: Most people forget to add a rug to their foyer, or sometimes a doormat can finish up the process. An indoor or outdoor rug can be the right solution to blend the style and function in an active room.

Use neutral colours to make foyer space feel open and welcoming
To make tall space a bit cozy, paint the ceiling and trim using the same colour.
Use bright and bold colours like emerald green, turquoise blue or royal blue as a stylish option.
Classic white to make your foyer look more sophisticated. Use several shades of white on trim and ceiling, as well as for art and lighting.

Proper Lighting:

Foyer lighting will be fabulous if you have a good ceiling height. What about a chandelier? It won’t look extravagant, but look dramatic to your home’s decor. Wall sconce fixtures are also good options for low-ceiling rooms.

What If Your Foyer Is a Mudroom?

With a double-entry function, your foyer will act as a mudroom, where you need to have some storage solutions. Be it wall hooks, shelving to keep shoes and coats, a bench with baskets that work for storage and seating, colourful cabinets can personalise your foyer while balancing the practical needs.
foyer Is a mudroom
Since the foyer is a welcoming point to your home, with some thought to careful design, the colourful foyer seems inviting for guests. And, our commercial painting company in Sydney will add a style with proper assessment that will go well with your overall space. So, are you planning to use colours in your foyer to create a great impact? Let us know!

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