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Roof Painting Preparation Guide

The Roof Painting Preparation Guide That Professionals Follow

You will need to paint your roof when you notice that the existing colour has faded and the growth of mould and mildew have taken place. Now, when you contact your friendly professionals in Sydney, they will arrive at your place, inspect your roof, and if you ask them to proceed, they will carry out the painting. But before they can start the job, they will need to prepare your roof and today we will focus on the steps of preparation that the professionals follow.

  • Inspecting for Leaks and Possible Damages

The professionals providing the expert roof painting in Sydney will carry out an inspection of your roof first, which we just mentioned above. In the inspection they will check the condition of your roof for leaks, damages and growths that they need to fix before they can move to the next step, that is repairing these problems.

  • Cleaning the Roof

Before moving to the repairing, the professionals providing the roof painting will clean the roofs. For this process, they will use pressure cleaning to remove the dirt, dust, debris and stains from the surface of the roof.

The professionals will also clean the gutters as a lot of debris gets accumulated in this very area. Finally, when the roof cleaning is completed, they leave it for drying before moving to the repairing process.


  • Repairing the Problems

The professionals will repair the leaks, cracks, etc. in the roof. They will apply caulk for filling up the gaps. In fact, caulking is a popular technique that is used by home and office painters in Sydney as well. In fact, the professionals will also replace the damaged tiles before they can apply the primer.

  • Applying the Primer

After the problems are fixed, the professionals will apply primer to the roof so that the final paint gets absorbed on the walls. Today, several types of primers are available that are used by professionals such as asphalt, thermoplastic, silicone, acrylic, aluminium, etc. depending on the type of your roof.

  • Gathering the Painting Tools

After the application of the primer, the painters will leave it for drying. And when it comes to the application of the primer, experts recommend that you carry out the whole roof painting process in the dry season and not in the rainy one to avoid problems.

Here, we would also like to say that apart from roof painting, experts also recommend that you give the go-ahead for the professional industrial painting in Sydney when in a season where the humidity is low as that will lead to quick drying of the paint and the primer.

Anyway, after the priming, the professionals will gather the necessary tools with which painting can be carried out.

  • Applying the Paint

This is the final process where the professional painters will paint your roof with the necessary equipment, and after the painting is completed, they will leave it to dry.

Now, your roof is ready with the new paint. But we recommend that you paint the roof when after every couple of years.

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