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Top 5 Tips to Add More Life to your Exterior Paint

Keeping the exterior painting excellent and free from any sort of damage for a long time is not an easy task at all. So, you have to give some extra effort on the maintenance plan and ensure that the colour does not go off too quickly. Let’s hear it from our experts. Read on to find what our experienced residential painters in Sydney have to say about the exterior painting maintenance. And, it’s not only regarding the aftercare. The maintenance plan needs to be executed right from the beginning. Go through the following trail and get an in-depth knowledge.

Let Professional Painters Do it

let professional painters do it

The very first and most crucial step you ought to take for exterior paint maintenance is, of course, getting the painting job done by expert professionals only. In the beginning, the professional experts check the wall minutely and find out the traces of damage. For new buildings, it is more about preparing the surface well so that the paint does not get chipped off.

Choose the Right Paint Material

choose the right paint material

The next step is to choose the right material for getting the painting done. The exterior paint has to be weatherproof, fade-resistant and long-lasting, even more than the interior painting. If you are not that sure about the right paint material needed for exterior coating, you should consult with the professionals about it.

Keep the External Walls Free From Mould Infestation

The most crucial challenge homeowners usually face to maintain the exterior paint is mould infestation. It’s a problem that cannot be resolved quickly unless you take any preventive measure from painting services in Sydney for avoiding the situation. As a measure, you have to choose a painting material that has an extra additive to prevent the mould and mildew infestation.

Go for Pressure Washing

go for pressure washing

You may use a different cleaning plan for the interior painting, but for the exterior, the most effective cleaning technique would be pressure washing. Our residential painting contractors in Sydney recommend you to go for the pressure washing only after 5-6 years when the grime build up in the exterior needs a cleanup.

Opt for Three Coats of Painting

opt for three coats of painting

If you want the exterior paint to last for a long time without much of maintenance cost, you can easily opt for the 3-coat painting system done by the experts of interior painting in Sydney, right at the beginning. Whereas the continuous exposure to rain, wind and sunlight can severely damage the building exterior if you put the ordinary painting, a building exterior with 3 coats painting system can easily survive.

In these 3 coats, the first coat is the primer, and in the second and third coat, you can give the finishing touch. This three-coat system is sure to add more life to your exterior paint.

Final Words So, these are some of the maintenance tips for your exterior paint to last for a longer time. It’s not that difficult to keep the building exterior neat and clean for a long time. It’s just that you have to keep an eye on the whole situation right from the very beginning so that you can take the preventive measures as early as possible.

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