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A Few Tips to Colour Your Child’s Room – Colour Psychology and More

Just like your kitchen, living room or your bathroom, decorating your kid’s room also requires to be done with special attention. The colour or decorating style you will choose for your kid’s room directly infuses positivism in their mindset. So, when you are starting off the work of paint-renovation in your house with special attention to your kid’s room, you should follow some tips.

The following will highlight some major points that you need to keep in mind for calling up the painters in Sydney to paint the nursery, bedroom or the playroom of your little one. Read on for the details.

Impact Of Colour on the Mood & Psychology of Children
impact of colour on the mood and psychology of children

Different studies have proved the point that colour has a direct influence on the mood and psychology of the children. Both the right and wrong colours can leave a strong impact on the child’s brain. However, you should only pay attention to the bright colour pallets and try to understand the feelings or mood linked with every specific hue.

  • Black – Evil and darkness
  • White – Purity & Innocence
  • Red – Love and Excitement
  • Green – Envy
  • Blue – Calmness
  • Purple – Wealth, Wisdom and Mystery
  • Yellow – Warmth and Energy
  • Brown – Strength and Reliability
  • Orange – Attention and Enthusiasm
  • Pink – Romance & Kindness
  • Yellow Yellow – Not a Dirty Fellow!

If you are painting your kid’s room for the very first time, we would recommend you to go for yellow. Yellow has the power of changing the atmosphere of your kid’s room instantly.

If your kid faces trouble in concentrating or has a poor memory skill, it is always recommended for you by our house painters in Sydney to avoid the bright colours and settle down for lighter hues. This will further help you to prevent the eye strain and infuse a sense of charm in the entire room.

Orange is a Good Choice

Well, not every parent out there choose orange for painting their kid’s room but, it is in indeed a right choice. Remember that using the dark shade of orange won’t be a good idea as it will eventually darken the room. Instead, ask the painters to use a lighter shade of orange that will let your child feel cheerful and confident.

Blue is the Warmest Colour

Feeling blue may be symbolic of feeling sad, but for children, the colour blue is something special. It infuses a sense of calmness in the entire room. According to our experts of residential painting in Sydney, if your child is a victim of anxiety and aggression issues, the colour blue will prove to be a perfect choice.

Make Sure the Paint is Free from VOC

make sure the paint is free from voc
Have you got a weird smell in your room after the experts are done with their painting? The smell can give you a headache. The presence of VOC or Volatile Organic Compound is the reason behind such a harmful smell. This element can cause immense harm to your child. So, be careful about choosing the painting material accordingly.

Are you looking for the most reliable painting services in Sydney? On Point Colour Painting Pty Ltd will prove to be your best choice for revamping your child’s room. Contact us for an obligation free quote and visit for more details.

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