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Some Interior Painting Ideas To Explore In 2019

Whether you want to work with pretty pastels or deep shades, the clever choice of colours can do wonders to transform your bedroom or living room in just a few hours. When it comes to painting your home, it is arguably the quickest as well as the safest way to update the bedroom or living room. But, which colour to choose? Or how to apply them? Check out the facts now!

1. Set the mood:


For the bright, cheerful, cosy, muted and dramatic shades, the first thing to determine is your bedroom’s orientation to decide how much light you want to get inside the room. The next thing you have to determine is how the colours look like under both the natural daylight and lamplight. And the next thing you have to decide if you want your small bedroom to feel larger?

If you want to go for a play with colours, find some suitable conditions and check out how to apply them. Our residential painters in Coogee suggest is to take a four-wall approach, opt for the feature wall or use block pattern for a contemporary effect. Here are few more paint ideas for a jaw-dropping effect indoors-

2. Contrasting colours to split the walls:


Ancient bedrooms have dado and picture rails to divide the wall into the areas that can be given with different treatment. Moreover, if your home is modern one without authentic details, you can still make some great choices to zone the walls. If you want to maintain a fail-safe rule, keep the darker shade of the colour to the lower part of the walls and lighter above. It will give the illusion of a higher and bigger room.

Try a different shade to highlight a feature: Pick one strong colour to show off room’s features and add an extra touch of character. For example, a pale circle around the mirror and the strip covering the height make an unusual and striking addition.

3. Dramatic and deep tones:


Darker paint colours work well to give balance to the rest of the colour scheme carefully. Chose the pale colour for bedding, flooring, furniture, window dressing and ceiling that lacks the daylight and keep the brighter space feel airy in the daytime. A few touches or warm shade, for example, the pastel pink can give a room a welcoming feeling.

4. Get a Coastal feel with blues and whites:


The coastal look never goes out of date and always look clean and fresh in appearance. For example, the blue in light cobalt and the accessories in two or the same shades of red can scheme well together.

5. Get the trendy geometric shapes:


Geometric paint effects are in trend right now, where you can do some graphics work to the bedroom walls with a roll of masking tape and a good paintbrush. Use white as your canvas, and complete your look with some pretty pastel tones. Why not ask our residential painter to get away with tester pots for lesser-used accent shades

Lastly, why not creating the ombre effect? It’s a great way to decorate your walls with paint. Consult with our residential painters in Sydney and choose two colours, where you can use the darker tone at the bottom and slowly introduce the lighter shade towards the top of the wall. And, On Point Colour Painting Pty Ltd ensures the highest quality painting service to produce a stunning result.

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