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Can You Paint Brick Home? Here’s What You Need to Know

When it comes to house painting, most people are often inclined to paint house exteriors covered with brick siding. Regular exposure to humidity, rain, moisture wears out the exterior wall surface and there comes a time when paint restoration becomes essential. Painting brick surface isn’t a child’s play as it porous, abrasive and absorbent to moisture. To ensure seamless painting over brick walls, there are certain factors you need to consider.

First and foremost, you should understand brick painting isn’t reversible. Therefore, you need to be extremely careful while applying fresh paint as you can’t reverse it to it’s former state. Before painting, you should take into account the surface preparation. To get flawless paint outcome, you have to determine whether your brick surface has a sealer applied on it. Some sealants are not visible to the eye and can be determined by spraying water on it. If this is your case, proper surface preparation should be done to get flawless paint outcome.

Painting Services Sydney
Painting Services Sydney

Basic Requirements for Painting Over Brick

Painting brick walls will not be arduous and time-consuming if you equip yourself with the right paint materials and tools. Here are the things you will need:

  • An oil-based primer
  • Quality paint roller
  • Sufficient tarps
  • High pressure washer

How Should You Prepare Brick Walls before Painting?

  • Cleaning or high pressure washing brick wall surface is essential to eliminate dust, grime and stains from the surface as well as removing loose mortar that may have been stuck inside joints. This makes bricks dry out easily and prevent them from holding moisture.
  • For any loose masonry or dust particles, you need to scrape them off using good-quality wire brushes. Loose or leftover particles would prevent paint from adhering to the surface walls and give you the problem of peeling paint, blisters in paint and flaky paint later down the line.
  • Now comes the most important part of surface preparation ie, sanding. Exterior walls undergo natural wear and tear and develop cracks, dents or imperfections. To make brick painting successful, all you need is to sand out the holes, or dents on brick surface and apply a high-quality primer. Priming is key to get smooth and evenly painted walls and to get the job done right, you can hire professional painting services in Sydney.

Exterior Brick Painting Requires Professional Painters

Painting exterior brick walls is intensive and laborious. If you are not a pro in power washing, you can hire professionals for thorough cleaning of dust, debris, loose paint before sanding out or applying primer. Make sure to seal flaws such as cracks or gaps in brick walls to prevent issues of leakage or moisture ingress in future.

Most homeowners consider using high-quality paint rollers, however painting services contractors in Sydney always recommend using paint sprayer to cover large brick surfaces and also for an even paint coating.

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