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Interior Painting Sydney

The DO’s and DONT’s of Interior House Painting You Must Know

Painting interior walls are the best way to upgrade the look of your home and boost the curb appeal of a property. Unlike a house remodelling job, interior wall painting is less time-consuming and a smart move to deck up your home within a fixed timeline and budget but all your efforts can yield results if you keep a few DO’s and DONT’s in mind.

Interior painting may seem exciting and overwhelming at first, but the job isn’t a cakewalk. It takes a lot of effort, skills and expertise to apply flawless paint coats and hence, you shouldn’t underestimate wall preparation, colour selection and type of paint to get striking and long-lasting results.

Do Test Color Samples on Walls

Before placing an order, it’s always wise to test a sample of the shades which you have chosen from the colour palette and examine its effect under different light conditions. This is especially applicable for brighter hues as it can have different undertones under different lighting conditions and so, checking shades both under natural and artificial lights is important to get the desired outcome.

Do Know the Right Paint Type to Apply on Walls

If you take the plunge of interior house painting without professional help, you must analyse your wall type and choose a paint that best fits with the existing wall condition. If you are an amateur, you may peel a portion of paint from walls and consult with a renowned painting company in Sydney to analyse its type. Identifying the right quality of paint can help you figure out the best primer that would be compatible with your walls and help you get pristine paint finishes you can boast about.

Don’t Guess the Budget, Instead, Prepare an Estimate

A common mistake almost every amateur painter makes is not preparing an estimate before undertaking an interior house painting job. Interior painting involves high-quality paints, paintbrushes, rollers, primer and many other associated materials and failing to prepare an estimate beforehand can make your bank accounts soar and put your work on hold for an indefinite time. If you want to avoid this chaos and mess, it’s better to delegate the job to professional painters and get the job done seamlessly at a reasonable package.

Don’t Skip Fixing Damaged Surfaces

Treating surface imperfections such as cracks, dents, holes is a must before applying fresh paint coats as it makes walls smooth and lower chances of peeling paint or flaking. Experienced painters always prioritise investing sufficient time and effort in prepping walls, smoothing out uneven ridges, scraping loose paint, filling out holes, priming and sanding to ensure fresh paint coats don’t look bumpy and adhere to walls properly. Look for areas that need repairs or replacement and treat them properly before interior painting in Sydney to extend the lifespan of your paint for years.

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