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Factors That Impact the Lifespan of Your Home Paint

Now that your home in the suburb of Sydney is looking fabulous with the new paint, you might be happy. Well, you should be. But take note of the fact that the paint will last a few years or more after which you will need to repaint the exterior and interior surface. But you might be wondering about the things that affect the longevity of home paints. To that question, we will be providing you with the answers today. You will need to follow the points since we have discussed all the factors that impact the life of a residential paint.

  • Weather Effects

Companies offering painting services in Ermington and other Sydney suburbs always recommend weather-resistant paint coats because nature itself plays an integral role in extending or lowering the longevity of the home paint. Too much sunlight is bad for the exterior paint and so is too much rain or cold. So, your location also matters since the weather varies with the topography.

  • Primer Usage

The second thing that affects the longevity of a residential paint is the use of priming material before the paint was applied.

Since primer enhances the adhesion of paint, the painters need to use high-quality material that will help the paint bond with the surface. Moreover, it also protects the paint against weather effects. However, a low-quality primer can substantially reduce the lifespan of your home paint.

  • Prepared Surface

The home painters in Ermington and Hornsby besides other Sydney suburbs will always prepare the surface before applying the paint.

Surface preparation includes cleaning the exterior walls to remove stains, mould, etc., and fixing the inaccuracies on the surface such as cracks, holes, etc. So, if the surface is well-prepared, you can rest assured that the paint will last a long time. But the opposite will occur if it is not prepared thoroughly by the painters.

  • Paint Brand

Indeed, the brand of paint also matters when it comes to longevity. You cannot expect the paint to last for years if the paint brand is not a well-known one. On the other hand, if you get your home walls painted by local residential painters in Hornsby also serving in other Sydney suburbs and applying premium paint, you can expect the paint to last for years.

  • Applied Coats

Depending on the surface of your home, the painters might apply several coats of paint. This is also a factor when it comes to longevity.

Well, too many coats do not mean that the paint will last longer. However, a balanced application means that your home will look good for the years to come.

  • Condition of Your Home

This is another factor that directly affects the longevity of the paint.

If your home is old, even if the paint is new, it will not last long since water seepage from the home interior might dampen the exterior surface and weaken the applied paint. On the other hand, if your home is new and free of leaks and cracks, you can expect the new paint to last for a long time. But no matter what you do, always hire affordable Hornsby or Ermington painters to get your home painted.

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