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Paint Your Commercial Building To Represent Your Brand

It’s your hard work that paid off building a reputable brand for your business. However, there is nothing more conveying than the physical identity of your brand. So, while painting your office building that represent your business, it should match the essence of marketing of your brand.

It has been said that image is everything, especially the first impression is the key to a business. Whether it is a brick and mortar store in a shopping centre, hotel facing the Tasman Sea from the Coogee beach, a complex or a retail store- beautiful paints make them more welcoming. When potential customers walk up to your building, either they end up being impressed or leave with the waning feeling of why they have stopped at your business. So, to make the first impression eye-catchy, here are few things business owners should do-

Choose the right colour for paint:


According to ourprofessional painters in Sydney, you have to know your audience to make the right choice for the colour. If you’re planning to target specific demographic which approaches your business frequently or which has the potential to choose your business- ask the experts how to go by the theme of different places.

If you want to be noticed making a statement among the competitors, you can consult with our professionals from On Point Colour Painting Pty Ltd to know what will work best for your building.

Convey brand message:


While painting offices in Sydney, we make sure the colour choice matches the character of your company, goals and values. This will help you to match your building and brand. In case, there is a chain business, where everything is set up, and you have to pick out one as a franchise option, there is a number of opportunities to try on. Or if you have an independent business, you can give it a real feel being bold and innovative.

Influence the decision making:


Different colours and their combinations create a high impact on the emotion as well as in decision making. Our experts for commercial painting in Parramatta use the colours that will express the feel of your business and take that through branding. Here are some examples of what colour choices you can do to your business-

  • Red brings excitement and quick decision making
  • Green inspires confidence and promotes the acceptance
  • Blue takes the in-depth approach to the professionalism
  • Orange promotes good value
  • Yellow brings anticipation and interest.
  • Purple represents the imaginative and creative power that you put into your brand

So, what is key to a good colour choice?


When it comes to choosing the right colours for your business, you have to understand company’s selling point. A company that is dealing with environment-friendly products, can get a better response with green than orange or purple. On the other hand, black can be a sleek and elegant choice to add a sense of luxury. The colour choice causes a major influence on the brand, for example, blue is the most favoured colour among men and women. And the buildings with blue can induce a sense of security and calmness while reinforcing the reliability among the users.

Choosing the right colours and designs can put significant impact while portraying a brand message and driving someone to your business. Today not only large scale business but also small companies can create brand awareness and can set apart from competitors.

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