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Choosing Between Paint Rollers and Paint Brush for Interior Painting in Sydney

Both paint rollers, as well as brushes, are used for painting the interior walls. Both of them have their respective significance in painting domain. Both these tools are extremely handy and are needed badly at some point in time or the other while painting the interiors.

The choice of tool essentially depends upon certain factors like the texture of the walls, the desired painting effects and the skills of the painters. To make the most use of the paintbrush or roller, a proper understanding of the surface of the wall, and the desired finish is of utter importance.

That is the reason, why it is so essential to hire a reputed company, which is into interior painting in Sydney and this is where we at On Point Colour Painting Pty Ltd make all the difference. We are home to some of the most experienced professionals that will rise to the occasion to serve you in the way you expect them to. They will decide whether to use a paintbrush or a paint roller, taking into consideration several factors.

Using Paint Brushes


Though paintbrushes and rollers are used for identical purposes, they have different functionalities. Brushes are more traditional and most popular painting tools. They come in different sizes and shapes, to make painting the smaller areas of the walls easier and in a more detailed way.

More so, when it comes to painting trims and edges, corners and intersection of two walls, professional house painters in Parramatta would prefer using brushes rather than the rollers. Now, these brushes range from the smaller artists’ varieties to the ones that are wider and heavier.

The wider varieties come in handy for painting larger areas of walls, and the free edges, while the smaller ones come in handy to paint the joints and the alcoves. Then there are angled brushes, which are specially designed to deal with corners and cut-ins comprehensively.

Using the Paint Rollers


Paint rollers, on the other hand, are designed to cover a wider surface area, they are spongy in nature, and as a result of this, they can hold a lot of paint. Hence, rollers are always the first preference of professional painting experts in Sydney. One problem that people face while using the paintbrushes is that when used in a lacklustre way, they may leave brush marks on the wall – something that will spoil the final painting effect. This is why once again, the intervention of professionals is so important.

The rollers, on the other hand, provide smooth and consistent painting effects. Thus, these rollers are suitable for well-prepared walls. Again, various types of rollers are available in the market. The type of rollers that the painting experts in Sydney use essentially depend upon the variety of oil used.

Brushes that come up with high-quality natural bristles are good for oil-based paints. However, those with artificial bristles are best when it comes to painting water-based paints.

Thus, you see there are so many things to consider while painting the interiors. Admittedly, this is not anyone’s cup of tea. Only a seasoned and reputed company that is home to the most experienced painting experts can help you out in these cases.

On Point Colour Painting Pty Ltd is home to some of the finest and the most experienced painting professionals in Sydney, and they are always more than ready and happy to help you out by offering the best painting services.

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