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‘Prioritising Rooms to Paint’- Expert’s Tips on House Painting

Which of the rooms should I paint the first? Which one should be the last? Prioritising the rooms for painting is one of the toughest tasks when it comes to interior house painting. Many house owners find themselves in no man’s land when it comes to getting the project completed in time and without worries.

Several specifications need to be kept in mind before proceeding with the job. You need to move furniture, wall hangings, covers, safeguarding the floors and other antique items for decorations, painting, vases and several other essential things. Apart from this, you need to prepare the walls for the fresh coat. Every pre-painting preparation should take into considerations the aspects that make sure the day-to-day activities within the house is not hampered.

To ensure a streamlined house painting in Mosman, the experts from On Point Colour Painting Pty Ltd share their ideas on making the project a breeze. Let’s have a look.

Aspects to Take into Consideration


Residential painting is a daunting task. Therefore, one needs to consider these aspects before proceeding—

  • What is the purpose of opting for the painting?
  • Is there any renovation that is going to be done?
  • Are you simply updating the look of the house?
  • Which of the rooms in the house is the most accessed?
  • Is the painting project going to impact daily activities?

Before setting off with the painting project, it is necessary to look out for the impacts in a broader prospect. Residential house painting in Mosman is going to be effective if the solutions are known for the upcoming challenges.

Which Rooms to Paint First?


Every simple house has a master bedroom, kitchen, hall, dining space, and washroom. When every corner of the house is to be painted, according to the professional painters from On Point Colour Painting Pty Ltd, the following can be the proceedings—

  • Bedroom

Experts believe that starting any residential house painting with the bedroom is going to ensure that your day-to-day activities come to track in no-time. Reason being, once it is completed, you would get a place to relax and sleep without any worries.

  • Kitchen

The kitchen can be yet another part of the house that can be started with. Since it remains inoperative for the major time of the day, the painters in Mosman will find it easy to complete the job without much interference.

  • Living Room

If you are thinking of starting with the living room, then it is essential to keep in mind that it would probably take time. Moving the furniture and other items present is a challenge. Therefore, according to the experts, the living room should be left for the last.

  • Washrooms and Bathrooms

This is that part of the house that can be done at the last of all. Since it is small, it can be completed in a single day. Experts advise that bathroom, washroom, or laundry room should never be on the high priority.


To ensure that there are no hassles or worries involved during the painting, a planned methodology needs to be followed. The professional painters from On Point Colour Painting Pty Ltd are always going to make sure that the painting project ends on a dream note.

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