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Exterior Painting Guide – Back-Brushing & Its Advantages

The painting industry is evolving, and more airless sprayers are put to use to achieve a uniform and smooth exterior painted surface. It allows you to paint large areas in very quick time and is often used for large home painting projects.

But, spray painting also comes with some disadvantages. It could be that the sprayer paint applied just sits atop the surface (instead of filling those nail holes, cracks and ridges). Also, when working with spray paint you don’t always get the satisfactory sealing and adhesion result, especially on roughed wall surfaces.

This is one aspect which cannot be ignored, especially since proper adhesion is crucial for a lasting paint job.

Back-Brushing- The Solution To This Dilemma!

On Point Colour Painting Pty Ltd”; your one stop-company to quality painting services across Sydney offers you a proper solution to this dilemma- Back brushing (or rolling).

This mainly involves painting a roughed up surface prior to being sprayed on. The trick is to do it after the paint has been sprayed and is still wet. Our expert painters use roller or brush and focus on those cracks and crevices present on the wall surface.

We frequently use back-brushing after spray-colouring to give you the best of both worlds. Not only does it veil those small imperfections and blemishes present on the wall surface, it also creates a stronger bond with the surface paint, thus making it last for an impressive length of time.

The Perks Of Back-Brushing:-

Painting roughed up surfaces is always difficult. Some of such substrates include cedar siding, T1-11 siding and any given roughed up surface which has weathered and developed cracks.

We will further explain the benefits of using our two-way painting process.

Proper back-brushing forces the paint products to seep into the wall surface and cover pores, cracks and other weather and time-inflicted damages.

Ensures every corner of the wall and joints consists of a nice coat of fresh paint.

Moreover, it allows uniform distribution of the painted product to achieve a smooth final finish.

In addition; our painting service contractors serving across Sydney makes use of professional painting equipment and always adheres to all laid down policies and precautions.

At the time of spraying; we adhere to all safety and precautionary norms to prevent over-spraying over the damaged exterior wall surface. Our painting contractors carry all relevant insurances and have heaps of field experienced under their collar to pull off all sorts of residential and commercial painting projects.

Each of them consists of extensive training- be it using spray painting equipment, popular colour trends and other necessary precautions which they need to follow when working on different projects.

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As your one-stop-painting service provider in Sydney; we back our painting services with a 5-year warranty. And as a token of our professionalism; we have an eye for details, and ensure they are completed within your estimated timeline and budget.

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