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House Paint Colour Trends of 2020 – What to Pick For Exterior and Interior?

Are you getting prepped up for giving a complete makeover to your house in 2020? Well, after all the interior and exterior renovation work is done and over with, the very next thing you should focus on what paint colour you would like to use on the walls.

Just like the popular design trends for interior and exterior parts of your house, there will be some changes in the paint colour trends of 2020 as well. Before you abruptly pick any bright or neutral colour for your home, you need to know whether you are following the right track or not.

Here are some popular paint colour trends of 2020, sorted and listed out by our painting contractors in Sydney. Check those out before moving on.

Vibrant Yellow on the Walls
vibrant yellow on the walls

If you wish to welcome a dash of freshness, vibrancy and beauty inside your living room, the vibrant yellow will prove to be the best choice. In one word, it looks ‘charismatic’. When combined with a neutral colour like off-white, it appears even better.

Chilli Red Colour is The Hottest Trend
chilli red colour is the hottest trend

Have you always thought that red will be too much of over the top to be used for residential interior in Australia? Well, as far the latest paint colour trends are concerned, the hot chilli red colour is topping the chart of colours. However, don’t think of painting the entire wall using bold and fiery red. Instead, the trend of 2020 suggests to use it on the accent walls to enhance the boldness even more.

Turn the ‘Green’ Light On

turn the green light on
Bringing natural elements to the real estate interior and exterior designs are quite popular in every way indeed and that too for good reasons. The variety of shades available in green makes it another popular choice among the interior and exterior colour preferences.

While the lime green shade will prove to be great for the interior, the olive green will make an excellent inclusion for the exterior of your house. The modern times are for the right combinations.

Among the popular house painting ideas in Sydney, the combination of white and green will work the best. The vibrant hues of green are sure to enthral your senses.

The Bold and Beautiful Charcoal

the bold and beautiful charcoal
Why settle for the standard grey colour when you can experiment with the tone even more. Choose the bold and beautiful charcoal shade as the paint colour of your bedroom.

As you put on some contrasting wall decor or graphic designs on the interior, it will further elevate the beauty of your room. It’s classic, it’s timeless, and it oozes out modernity. That’s why it is so popular among the 2020 paint colour trends.

Final Words

So, these are some of the colours that are topping the chart of 2020 interior and exterior paint colour trends. Consult with the experts of professional painting services in Sydney, On Point Colour Painting Pty Ltd and you will soon get to know about the most suitable colour for your house. Visit for more details.

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