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How Surface Prepping Helps in Getting Long-Lasting Residential Paints?

When it comes to getting durable and vibrant paint results, having cohesion between paint colours and surfaces is crucial to make the paint last in good health for a lifetime. It’s all about considering the small details of surfaces and precise preparations that help in getting satisfying and enduring house painting results you can boast about. Hence, prepping a wall using the right tools and techniques is a must for successful paintwork which this post will rightly explain.

Pressure Cleaning Removes Sticky Dirt, Stains & Grease

Walls are usually exposed to dirt, grime, stains and spills which regular washing often fails to eliminate. Pressure cleaning walls using a standard water force loosen chunks of dirt, break hard contaminants and removes mould from the surface, thereby, making the surface ready for paint. Instead of rushing to apply paint over dirt residues, you should allow sufficient time for walls to dry so that paint adheres properly and doesn’t peel off early.

Scraping & Sanding Loose Paint is Essential for Strong Bond

This step is essential if you are willing to repaint over previously painted walls. Scrape off loose paint or old paint from surface walls by hiring residential painters in Sydney to ensure your new paint doesn’t get affected. Scraping is essential not just to get rid of flaking paints, dirt or grime but also to weed out chances of blistering, cracking or other surface imperfections. Once you have scraped off loose paint, use sandpaper and scuff with gentle hands to smoothen the ridges and dents for a smooth and even paint finish.

Surface Filling or Base Coating Helps in Fixing Small Defects

Joint compounds or putty knives can help in concealing minor flaws such as patch holes, nail heads etc to make the base smooth and even. Once you are done with refilling, you may give a touch-up finish by sanding around the edges. With flawless base coats and gentle brush of rollers, you can even out the cracks that may be visible on the surface and apply two thin coats of paint to ensure the texture matches according to your surface requirements.

Sanding & Priming Makes the Base Smooth & Even

Good quality primer is key to getting smooth and even paint finishes. If applied correctly, primer can prevent moisture formation in the substrate and chemical reactions to a great extent. On most new or unpainted surfaces, a single coat of primer is sufficient to make paint bind with walls. However, for old and damaged-prone surfaces, advanced acrylic primer is always a better choice. Depending upon the painting contractors in Sydney you are willing to hire, you can make the surface smudge-free before considering a paint job to ensure long-lasting results.

Investing a sufficient amount of time, effort and money in surface prepping can yield guaranteed results when it comes to getting enduring and visually appealing paint outcomes. Choose the right tools, equipment and supplies and make your wall speak. However, if you lack knowledge or confidence, the professional painters of On Point Colour Painting Pty Ltd are always there to help. We specialise in high-quality painting solutions for residential and commercial clients and ensure your paint lasts in good health for a lifetime. Call us today to book a free consultation with our master painters and give a stunning transformation to your property in no time! HURRY!

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