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When Did You Last Paint the Interior of Your House?

Irrespective of what you are painting- interior or exterior- it has always remained one of the tiring and challenging jobs. Out of these two, interior painting is cumbersome and needs proper planning and arrangement before the proceedings. It becomes more arduous if done in quick succession. People have several queries regarding painting the interior. One of the prime queries being how often one should repaint their house.

Well, there is no specific answer to this question. The frequency of the painting depends on a number of factors like- traffic at that place, exposure to the external elements like dust, dirt. At times, repainting of the interior is opted when the owner of the house thinks of giving a different uplift based on certain decor choices.

Shall I Paint My Rooms This Winter?

As already discussed, some factors define whether one should go for painting or not. However, according to residential painting expert in Balmain, under normal circumstances, good quality of paint and the best painting job would need no alteration for at least 10 years. In addition to this, the places where people visit more frequently need reconsideration.

In short, painting varies according to room type as well. The following are some of the considerations—

Repainting Your Bedroom

There are different variations in the bedroom.

The adult bedroom does not need frequent painting as the place is seldom visited. In addition to this, the walls are untouched, leaving a little scope of dirt and grime. Therefore, if properly maintained, adult bedrooms would need repainting only after 7-10 years.

In contrary, bedrooms for the kids tell a different story. With scratches and marks all over the walls, the rooms are always in need of a facelift. Therefore, when it is about repainting kids’ room, experts are of the opinion that it can be done every two to four years.

Repainting Your Kitchen

Well, the kitchen being the heart and one of the busiest places in the house should be taken extra care of. This is one of those places that face the maximum wear and tear, abrasion because people often bump in the walls making the surface greasy.

Apart from this, there are at times splatters during the preparation of food. Therefore, according to professional residential painters in Sydney, the kitchen should be repainted after every couple of years. This will help keep the energy flowing within the kitchen space.

Repainting the Bathroom

Like the kitchen, bathrooms are yet again the most visited places in the house. However, the issue with the bathroom is quite different than that of the kitchen. A typical bathroom faces problems of moisture and humidity that negatively impact the longevity of the paints.

According to the experts catering to residential painting service in Parramatta, high humid areas like bathrooms and laundry rooms will always need a facelift every four years.


It is the time to think when you have lastly got your house painted. Look out for the conditions of the coat and never hesitate to book a professional painting service. At On Point Colour Painting Pty Ltd, we make sure that your place looks extremely beautiful with the best painting services.

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