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5 Techniques of Industrial Painting Applications – An Overview

If you are in pursuit of a company that offers commercial or industrial painting, you have your task cut out. There are several names to choose from. Every name you find will claim to be the best in the business.

However, do not take their claims to the face value. When it comes to considering a company that offers commercial painting & services in Sydney, you have a lot of things to consider. You need to know whether the company you eye for is expert enough to follow all the different techniques of industrial painting.

Technically speaking, there are 5 different techniques for commercial painting. This is where we at On Point Colour Painting Pty Ltd excel. We are well conversant with various techniques of commercial painting, and that is where we score over our competitors.

Air Spray Technique

air spray technique
It is a fantastic way of painting commercial or industrial assets. An air sprayer uses air for atomising the paint into the form of a mist or fine cloud or spray of paint.

Our air sprayers come up with different options that yield different pressure levels as well as patterns. It will leave you with a professional standard of commercial painting with a smooth look and feel, which adds that desired effect.

We use suitable high-quality air sprayer that gives the best results and are specifically designed to offer seamless spray painting application.

Roller Painting Technique

roller painting technique
If you are looking forward to painting a flat surface, like a wall or a floor, a roller can be quite effective. With the use of a high-quality roller, we can apply paint seamlessly.

Firstly, our commercial painters in Sydney are of high quality and are immensely experienced. Secondly, the rollers are of high quality, which helps to transfer the paint quickly and effectively. These rollers are available in different forms and produce wide-ranging results.

On certain surfaces, you would require spiked rollers for levelling the coating and get rid of air bubbles trapped within the paint surface. So you see, this is the job of experienced painters that we are home to! This type of paint will come in handy when painting concrete or cement screeds, which are very common in the industrial sector.

Therefore, it is advisable that when you look for a provider of affordable painting services in Sydney make sure that it is well conversant with this technique. It is a pretty specialised technique, and not every company would have the expertise.

Dip Coating Technique

dip coating technique

On the front of industrial projects, if you have elements that you need to paint entirely, efficiently and quickly, dip coat technique is the best option. In the dip-coating procedure, the elements are dipped directly into the paint, taken off, and is allowed to dry. This is the most effective way when it comes to dealing with thick paints that come with strong adhesive quality.

Paint Brush Technique

paint brush technique

Then there is the good old classic paintbrush technique that will do some excellent industrial painting job for you. These brushes come in a wide range of variety in terms of shapes, styles, angles and even in bristle forms.

When it comes to dealing with smaller details, there are those smaller brushes. Our use of quality brush, along with some excellent brushing technique, will help you get the finish with the desired professional edge.

Airless Spraying Technique

airless spraying technique

Last but not least, you can opt for the airless sprayer option, which atomises the particles of paint at a pressure that is higher than what you get in an air sprayer. It is a fantastic tool when it comes to painting large industrial areas quickly and effortlessly. It will help to prevent over-spraying.

Thus, when you get in touch with us at On Point Colour Painting Pty Ltd. We are more than well conversant with all these highly effective and acclaimed techniques of industrial painting applications.

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