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Painting Trends for 2020

Want to Paint Your Living Room? Here are the Painting Trends for 2020

Are you looking for decorative ideas for your living room? Applying different paint colours which are in trend and they are applied in combination, they can give you spectacular result to the living room. So, find in this content what our experts say about the painting trends for the living room.

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Living Room with White:

When it comes to choosing a good colour for your living room, imposing ideas with the use of simple white never goes out of style. It makes your space look more spacious and illuminated.

Living Room with Gray:

You can try it out with Gray since this tone seems to be one of the leading choices for modern home décor in 2020. You can try having a room with soft Gray combined with sofa and furniture in the same tone. House painting professionals in Mosman suggest to try different shades of Gray on the different walls, or you can combine it with white for a spectacular result. For a modern and minimalistic looking living room, you can add some furniture in blue with Gray walls in the background.

Neutral Blue Tone:

It is one of coolest option to choose soft blue or sky blue. Since neutral tone is in trend this year, it won’t disappoint you if you have a large space and this tone has the power to change the appearance completely.

Beige Living Room:

If you want to explore more neutral tones, then beige will be great. You can paint a single wall with this tone, ceiling in white and some soft tones for the furniture.

The Bright and Popping Orange Colour:

Are you looking for a more intense colour for your living room? Though there is a wide variety among many trends, orange is most current among all. However, be cautious before painting a room with orange, since it is a very strong and strident colour, it may make the place look reduced and flat. Hence, residential painters in Hornsby recommend combining this colour with white.

Living Rooms with Earth Tones:

Neutral earth tones or nude tones can easily go with the living room. If you want a decoration in modern appeal, you combine this colour with having furniture in a more intense colour. So, if you want to give your home an urban touch, this colour option is one of the good choices with minimalist style.

Living Rooms in Green Tone:

An intense shade of green combined with white tone can be as modern as other colour trends in 2020. Although the large room is the best option to try out this colour, prevent a room look smaller with green by painting the walls near the window or balcony where natural light comes. It makes the room look bigger.

Turquoise Colour Combined with White:

The good thing about white is it can get combined with everything. If you want to go one more step ahead than plain white or blue paint, then other curious blue tones like turquoise can add extra warmth and to the living room while combined with white.

Apart from these tones, you can try out purple, pink, lemon yellow shades combined with white can make your living room look great.

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