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5 Astounding Benefits of Priming Before Painting Your Interior Walls

Painting interior walls is indeed overwhelming and exciting if executed properly. However, most homeowners tend to overlook priming the walls and that’s where they make the biggest blunder. Primer is that crucial layer of protection that make the surface of your walls smooth, cover imperfections and makes your walls perfect ‘paint-ready’. To know how primer makes painting job long-lasting, this blog is a MUST-READ.

Strong Paint Adhesion

Adhesion refers to the quality of how well paint bonds to the surface of walls. Depending upon the texture and surface of your walls, paint will cling, dry or sustain on walls without peeling off early. The better primer is applied to your walls, less likely will be chances of paint layers to peel off, crack or form bubbles.

Improved Paint Durability

The better you apply primer on wall surfaces, it will create a strong bond and make your paint last long for the years to come. Moreover, primer helps to seal vulnerable surfaces, fill up dents, cracks and prevent moisture from causing damage to the interior walls, thereby adding life to the fresh new layer of paint.

Gives a Flawless Paint Finish

No matter how damaged your wall surface might be, good quality primer can make your walls smooth and even help to achieve a flawless paint job. It can cover up cracks, dents on new walls that you may want to obscure and this include seams, joints or knots in wood and so on. No matter how much you splurge on buying paint, without good quality primer, your investment won’t be justified.

Paint Over Dark Shades

Most of the time, while painting over dark colours with a lighter shade, you may find the underneath dark colour becoming slightly visible over the lighter shade even after applying several coats of new paint. In such circumstances, primer can resolve the problem. Applying a white coat before interior wall painting can hide dark colour effectively and help you enjoy a flawless paint job.

Situations Where Primer is not Required

There are circumstances where you don’t need a primer. Yes! If you are painting a dark colour over a lighter coat of paint, you don’t need to prime the walls. While applying primer, you might have questions on how many layers of primer you should use or what type of primer will be best suited for your walls. To answer your doubts, professional interior house painters in Sydney are always there at your assistance.

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