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Interior House Painting

Characteristics of Exterior and Interior Paints Used for House Painting

People often have a misunderstanding in regards to the standard characteristics of the paints that are used at homes. Now there can never be any generalised discussion on the characteristics of house paints. There are two types of house paints – Exterior and Interior, and their characteristics vary accordingly. Let us discuss the respective characteristics of the interior and the exterior paints. Before you summon your expert house painters in Sydney you must have a clear idea about the difference between their characters. It will help you to pick up the best products for your house painting project. 

Characteristics of the Best Interior Paints

Interior paints have more to do with aesthetics than the protection of interior surfaces. However, they also add certain properties, which will help the maintenance of the interior walls much easier. That is the reason, professionals offering painting services in Sydney would prefer using high-quality interior paints that will make washing easier and will also prevent damp and moisture from reigning supreme on the walls. 

The interior paints are designed to prevent abrasion. They are designed to withstand scrubbing and still have their shades intact. They are also designed to be stain-resistant and resistant to physical damage.

The resins that are used in interior paints are less elastic as these paints do not have to deal with weather and temperature fluctuations like their external counterparts. 

Also, these paints do not have fungicides and pesticides, and they are washable. Besides, high-quality interior paints come up with low or zero Volatile organic compounds (VOC). That is the reason experienced interior painters in Sydney would always prefer high-quality paints. This is because this particular quality of these paints helps to preserve the proper air quality of the interiors. Also, zero or low VOC helps to minimize any health risk. 

Characteristics of the Best Exterior Paints

Structurally, these paints are supposedly stronger than their interior counterparts, as they are supposed to brave every type of weather condition all throughout the year. Along with other vagaries of nature, quality external paints have the ability to protect the exterior surfaces from UV radiation as well as fungal infestation.  

The paints are stubborn and hence do not fade that easily, despite being exposed to sun and rain 24x7x365. They have the ability to combat the growth of mildew. 

Quality exterior paints from renowned brands consist of resin and this lends the paint a softer tone, which makes them strong enough to withstand temperature fluctuations and the adverse effects of exposure to moisture. 

They are structurally tougher and are resistant to crumbling and peeling. 

That is why quality exterior painters in Sydney would prefer using exterior paints from the best brands, which will help the exterior surfaces of your home to successfully brave natural elements for a long. 

Also, the best exterior paints are supposedly water-resistant and hence they are manufactured waterproof. 

These paints contain fungicides and pesticides, as this helps them protect the exterior walls from fungal and pest infestation. And remember, these paints release certain volatile organic compounds and hence are unsafe to be used in interiors. 

So these are the differences between interior and exterior paints. One good reason for hiring a quality house painting service provider like On Point Colour Painting Pty Ltd is that our experts will explain all these points in detail. Call us at 0424 845 188. 

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