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Factors to Consider While Agreeing on House Painting Quotes

If you are planning to put your stakes on a quality professional painting quote, you cannot afford to do so blindly. In fact, you need to weigh it against a number of parameters to ensure that the quote will be in your best interest.

Here on this page, we discuss some of the parameters that you need to evaluate when it comes to putting stakes on house painting quotes in Sydney rolled out by the professional painters.

Were the measurements considered properly?

Measurements are the most crucial aspects of an accurate professional painting quote. It is the lifeblood of the estimate. But for an accurate measurement, your painting contractor will only end up at the wrong end of the barrel, in regards to labour and raw materials. Thus, taking an accurate measurement is the first and foremost prerogative of a quote that a professional painting company in Sydney will place for you to consider. Thus, when it comes to taking into account a painting quote, you must take into account whether the measurements were considered properly.

Take a hard look at the preparatory work that the company has decided upon

A typical professional painting quote should not be all about what the contractor has perceived after peeping into every room. Rather it should contain comprehensive and overall information about the areas to be painted, along with a detailed estimate of the preparatory work that will have to be conducted for the best results. It may include patching the holes, priming, and scraping caulking, or pressure washing.

An account on the raw materials as per your consent has to be there

The quote should ideally also include a thorough account of the raw materials, including the paints, and the brushes and the types thereof, the rollers, the preparatory materials, and the likes. You need to come to a consensus with your painting contractor regarding all these materials, and then all these should be thoroughly mentioned in the quote to avoid any discrepancy whatsoever later on. Getting a call from your contractor, asking for a few extra dollars for a better quality paint or a few extra preparatory materials leading to your budget spilling over your estimate is the last thing you want to see happening.

Make sure the name of the recipient of the payment you make is there in the quote

You must know who is receiving the payment that you are making for the job. Make sure that the recipient is a legal painting company in Sydney that is authorised to carry out painting jobs and has been doing so successfully in the past. It has to be a professional contractor, who is under the payroll of the painting company so that you do not have to be worried about the crews approaching you for their respective share of payment.

Make sure that the company will carry out all the cleaning up job

Will the painting contractor do all the clean-up following the painting job, or you have to hire a separate business for that? If they will do all the cleanup, make sure that the quote categorically has that clause included, before you pen down the agreement.

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Therefore, it is always a safer step to put your stakes on a quality and reputed company that will offer you a quote containing all these clauses in order so that there is no room for any discrepancy whatsoever. This is where we at “On Point Colour Painting Pty Ltd” make a difference in the painting industry. To summon us, just give us a call at 0424 845 188 during our office hours.

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