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Avoid These 5 Blunders When Painting Your Metal Roof

There is no denying the importance of proper roof painting. But when dealing with a metal roof, homeowners tend to neglect certain crucial aspects which can threaten its structure and hamper its longevity.

To make sure you don’t commit the same mistakes that many homeowners commit when painting their metal roof, keep these 5 important points in mind.

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Avoid Using Leftover Paint & Opt For An Energy-Efficient Paint

To cut costs, most homeowners look to use leftover paint for different parts of their house. And although it does work for most areas, they tend to forget that the rest of the house is not constructed using the same materials. Case in point — your metal roof!

So, instead of using the same leftover paint, you need to invest in energy-efficient paints; designed to safeguard your metallic roof from all harsh elements and make it heat and pest resistant. You can opt for paint which contains polymeric materials such as Titanium dioxide and Acrylic.

In comparison to your standard house paint, they are thicker and incorporate other specific contents that allow the paint to be both opaque and reflective. They reflect sunlight thus keeping your house cool and limit the use of air conditioners. Plus, being thicker makes them more effective against leaks.

Not Removing Oil, Mould, Mildew and other Particles before Painting

Preparing your roof surface prior to painting is an important aspect. Keeping this in mind; you need to wash your metal roof and remove the existing oil, mould, mildew and other particles. Doing so helps the paint stick to the surface longer!

In addition to the necessary cleaning and surface preparation; you should also check for signs of cracks, rust or any damage. If found, repair them immediately taking the help of ‘house painting contractors in Sydney. Once the repair work is done, it will prove a lot easier to paint the entire surface- which these contractors will be happy to do it for you, as well.

Ignoring the Use of a Quality Sealant

Prior to the paint application; you also need to treat your metal roof with a quality sealant. Ignoring to do so will result in the paint peeling off quicker than you want. Quality sealants come with chemical bonding properties which allow the paint to stick to the surface for a longer span. However, make sure the sealant you choose complements with the paint.

If you need guidance or assistance with metal roof painting services, then it is best to speak to our ‘professional local residential painting contractors serving near North Shore.’

Following the Incorrect Application Method

Most homeowners also commit the mistake of using either too much paint or too less during the painting process. The result of this common blunder is peeling and other problems in the future.

What you should do is apply the primer/sealant first for the paint to stick. Let it dry. Once done, apply 2 coats of your chosen energy-efficient paint. If you can arrange for an air-sprayer, that would be optimum for painting your metal roof.

Ignoring Post-Painting Maintenance

Even after you finish the paint application, your job is not done. Post painting; you need to clean the roof using a mix of liquid detergent, bleach and water every 4–6 months. Also remove accumulated dust, debris and dead leaves/branches to allow the roof gutter to work smoothly.

Performing each of these regular post-painting maintenance will allow your painted metal roof to last a good 4–5 years.

Local Residential Painting Contractors
Local Residential Painting Contractors

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