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Common House Painting Mistakes That Everyone Makes But YOU SHOULDN’T

Adding a fresh coat of paint is a wonderful way to infuse new life into your old home. However, achieving a flawless painting operation is not without difficulty. Adding a fresh coat of paint is a wonderful way to infuse new life into your old home. However, achieving a flawless painting operation is not without difficulty.

From choosing a great shade which somehow turns out to be hideously wrong, to achieving a quality paint job only to find it peeling and falling off in time- homeowners commit lots of blunders during.

If you wish to ensure your next paint job appears marvellous, then be sure never to repeat these BIG BLUNDERS that everyone makes!

“Painting On A Dirty Wall Surface.”


Painting on a dirty wall surface is the first faux-pas. But because other homeowners are so eager and impatient, they ignore this basic requirement and end up ruining their house walls.

Being one of the top painting services in Sydney, “On Point Colour Painting Pty Ltd” focuses on offering the highest level of client satisfaction with top-grade painting operations.

As per our painting specialists:-

“The walls should be scraped away using an old chipping paint and then moved forward with proper cleaning. Another key aspect is considering surface quality.

After all, there’s no point painting on a wall surface that has deteriorated in its strength and uniformity.”

“Not Making Proper Use Of The Painter’s Tape.”


Our house painting experts in Sydney further explain:- “Making use of the painter’s tape helps ensure crisp edges and a more professional appearance. Using the painter’s tape also ensure it is even, flawless and gorgeous.”

This is another blunder which many homeowners make, and in the end, it proves very costly for them.

“Being Ignorant About Protecting The Rest Of The House.”


Prior to opening the first can of paint; you should make sure that the whole area is properly covered. Paint spills have a nasty habit of spreading all over- particularly if it is the interior you are re-painting.

As your ideal checklist:-

  • Make sure all furniture sets are moved from the area.
  • Cover the entire floor using a drop cloth and seal the edges wherever necessary.
  • Put away whatever electrical wall plates and electrical fixtures exist.

“Skipping Primer Application.”


It is imperative that you don’t even think about skipping the primer application. A proper primer treatment assists prep up the wall surface thus making certain that the paint sticks to the wall smoothly and easily.

Furthermore, we believe that primers help bring out the true colour of the paint. We offer you two-in-one-paint and primer solutions at budget-friendly rates.

However, these are only perfect for surfaces that have been painted previously. If you seek to paint a completely new wall surface, then we will present it a nice traditional primer treatment first and then move over to the paint job.

“Wrong Selection Of Paint.”


Improper colour selection is another big blunder which many homeowners make. They don’t spend ample time in selecting the type of paint, shade, quality and its sheen.

At On Point Colour Painting Pty Ltd”;we will help you sort out the right paint choice both as per your renovation requirement and your pockets.

Other than presenting affordable painting services; our experts have heaps of knowledge about quality painting trends, brands and colour paints. And on request, they will always suggest you with impressive styling ideas for your home walls.

Remember to avoid these common yet costly house painting blunders for your next paint job. If you need any kind of professional assistance, feel free to call us at 0424 845 188 or email us at

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