Colours That Set The Right Tone For Commercial Buildings

You cannot go on painting a building randomly. You need to choose the right colours and the right combination, which will do justice to the getup of the building and its layout. Again, when it comes to choosing the right colour and combination, you need to take into account the nature of surroundings, the location and its aesthetic appeal before anything else. Hence you see, this is a pretty tricky affair, and all you need is the intervention of an [...]


What’s The Difference between Exterior & Interior Painting Components?

Simply put- almost all paints consist of similar basic components- which include solvent, additives, pigment and resin. That being said- the actual paint manufactured for peripheral and interior wall surfaces are totally different. So, is the environment to which they are used. The truth is, every surface demands specific properties, and to meet up those requirements quality paint manufacturers produce paint with different properties. Most quality painting services in Sydney will tell you that exterior and interior paints have similar solvents and [...]